- India’s AI-led language translation platform

Mission Digital India BHASHINI - [BHASHa INterface for India] - the National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) - India’s AI-led language translation platform

A Bhashini Platform will make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources available to MSMEs, Startups, and Individual Innovators in the public domain.

This mission aims to empower Indian citizens by connecting them to the Digital Initiatives of the country in their own language thereby leading to digital inclusion. The Bhashini platform is interoperable and will catalyze the entire Digital Ecosystem. It is a giant step toward realizing the goal of Digital Government.

Multi-linguality presents a major opportunity for startups to develop innovative solutions and products that can cater to all Indian citizens irrespective of the language they know. Enabling access to knowledge resources, and digital empowerment of the citizens is of high priority to achieve the goals of Digital India Bhashini will Transcend the language barrier, and also it aims to build a National Public Digital Platform for languages to develop services and products for citizens by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.
The vision of Bhashini is to Harness natural language technologies to enable a diverse ecosystem of contributors, partnering entities, and citizens to transcend language barriers, thereby ensuring digital inclusion and digital empowerment in an AatmaNirbhar Bharat
BHASHINI'S PURPOSE is to act as an orchestrator to unify and align a sizeable diverse network across government, industry, academia, research groups, and start-ups to bring all their contributions into an open repository.
Bhashini Unified Architecture for Bhashini's Infrastructure, Bhashini shall create a unifying architecture underpinned by open data and open-source software principles to enable contributions from the research initiatives and the ecosystem. This shall also catalyze the ecosystem to work on an integrated approach to build diverse solutions.
The idea is to create a community of contributors that works with a unified approach to help Bhashini realize its stated objectives.