Download the newly launched Mirchi Plus Audio OTT mobile app

The top music and entertainment provider in India, Mirchi, has released its mobile application, Mirchi Plus. The company's digital transformation includes this app, which provides access to a huge archive of audio stories, podcasts, and videos. The app offers news and entertainment in addition to being able to offer its listeners a selection of music and entertainment.

Mirchi Plus has a bouquet of content that spans across 10 different languages. It is able to provide its users with a variety of audio stories in different genres such as drama, comedy, and horror. The company will additionally launch new audio shows every month.

About Mirchi Plus Audio app

Download the newly launched Mirchi Plus Audio OTT mobile app

With Mirchi Plus App, you can find Audio, Video, and Articles around the Entertainment news in a single app. We offer millions of Songs, Podcasts, Celeb Interview Videos, Entertainment Videos, Entertainment News, and Celeb gossip on the go. And to enhance your Mirchi Plus experience the App offers lag-free and quick navigation with swift search so that you could find your favourite content with ease and stay entertained!

For Mirchi Plus, audiences sitting in other countries can hear the best of the music from your motherland, India, at your own comfort. They can also watch videos on Celeb News and read Articles from the film industry.

What's more on the Mirchi Plus app:

Download the newly launched Mirchi Plus Audio OTT mobile app

- Entertainment News
- Celeb Videos
- FM/Online Radio/Live Radio
- Podcasts
- Best of Indian Regional Music and Podcast

We cater to every genre you like, that's why at Mirchi Plus App we have everything in store for you. When it comes to Podcasts, then we have Romance, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, and Suspense too. When it comes to News Articles we have Movie reviews, Celeb’s gossips, Web Series, etc.

The best part is that language is not going to be a barrier because you can hear Music and Podcasts from your mother tongue. At Mirchi Plus, we have Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, and many other Indian languages that will make you feel at home.

On Mirchi Plus, there is no dearth of choices as we keep on adding to our list of Songs, Podcasts, Music videos, Celeb News and Videos. So, whether you want to hear a Ghazal from Jagjit Singh or want to Rap on the beats of Honey Singh - we have it all. And that's not all, at Mirchi, we also know how to keep your nerves down with tracks that have a soothing effect. So, whenever the situation gets tense just plug in your earphones and tune into Mirchi Plus to get your zen mode on!

You can Follow and Download your favourite RJs, Podcasts, Videos and Topics. You can create the biggest playlist of all time because Mirchi provides you with the enormous free space. So, Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi, you can stay connected with your favourite Mirchi Plus Playlists anytime!

Mr. Vineet Jain, Managing Director, BCCL said, “Mirchi has always been the audience's go-to choice for all things music; with the launch of ‘Mirchi Plus’ we now enter the exciting & evolving space of story-telling and original content. This transforms Mirchi into its full digital avatar, allowing us to pick, analyse and act on consumer signals in real time.”

Mr. Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, ENIL says, “Mirchi has dominated the radio industry for over two decades with its best-in-class audio entertainment. With the evolving needs of our consumers and the rapid adoption of digital avenues for entertainment, we wanted to expand our consumer engagement and be present where our consumers are. Mirchi Plus strengthens our digital play. Through the launch of the app, we look forward to building a multi-lingual and immersive audio experience for our listeners. Moreover, Mirchi Plus is a significant addition to Mirchi’s digital properties aiding Mirchi in fulfilling its goal of generating 25% of our revenues from digital."

Download Mirchi Plus Audio OTT Mobile App