Gmail has a New look and better search results going forward

 Gmail: New look and better search results from now on

Gmail has a New look and better search results going foward

The new Gmail theme was unveiled quite some time ago. Anyone who activates Google Chat in the settings may test it out now, according to Google. Then you'll notice the new style, as well as the new sidebar, which provides access to the spaces, chat, and Google Meet, among other things. Here's an example of the full thing in action:

On the left side of the window, quick settings allow users to select whatever applications they wish to move between, whether it's Gmail alone or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. There are distinct areas for system labels (such as "Starred," "Snoozed," and "Important") and bespoke labels for label fans. Instead of viewing the complete message, chat lovers see balloons with samples of incoming messages and rapid reply alternatives.

In addition to the user interface, we continue to work on making Gmail even more powerful and customizable. For example, make it easier to find the message you're looking for by bringing search chips to the inbox and improving search results that suggest the best match for a query.

Over the course of the year, Google will offer an improved experience for tablet users, better emoji, new accessibility features and much more. Gmail has changed a lot over the last 18 years. Let's revisit some of the highlights as we get excited for what's to come.

Of course, using all of this results in everything being neatly grouped under one hood. If you use Mail almost nude, the system may get overwhelmed. When it comes to e-mail, I consider myself a power user; I've been using Gmail since the beginning of time and don't need the bother. In my personal or professional life, neither Meet, Chat, or Spaces play a part. In theory, you might say: I really enjoy Gmail on the web, but we still have a long way to go on mobile. And the fact that push is disabled for third-party clients is acceptable from a business standpoint, but it's still bad for users.