kfone.kerala.gov.in - What is Kerala Own Internet Service

Know all about KFone, First state owned Interenet Service Provider - Kerala

kfone.kerala.gov.in - Whats is Kerala Own Internet Service

KFON is a bold government effort aimed at closing the digital gap. This project will serve as a supplement to the state's current telecom ecosystem. KFON is founded on the principles of non-discriminatory treatment, as recommended by TRAI, i.e., without preferential treatment to any service provider or business segment. It essentially serves as an information superhighway by establishing a solid core and middle-mile infrastructure. This network may be used by any provider at any level of the company - TSP/ISP/MSO/LCO - to supplement connection gaps in their core network without the burden of tight RoW and heavy CAPEX requirements.

Kerala saw a transformation after making a foray into digitalization in the 2000s. It became essential for the government to implement the e-delivery mode of information and services to its population as a result of the adoption of internet technology and rising levels of e-literacy. The demand for e-Governance services that have an impact on the lives of the average person has grown from government service dissemination centres like FRIENDS in the 2000s to Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK), e-Health, e-Office, e-Procurement, CCTNS, e-District, SDPK, etc. in 2020. The state was a leader in the nation when it came to investing in the creation of essential digital infrastructure for the provision of e-government services.

The State Data Centre (SDC), the first of its type in the nation solely dedicated to hosting e-Government applications, has major government procedures digitalized. To carry out their regular business, all government institutions in the State have access to the SDC. The primary network infrastructure for e-governance in the state is the Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN). For the delivery of e-Gov services, however, the current connectivity through KSWAN is only available to around 3,800 government offices and with KFOne Kerala intend to cover all the district and villages with their own infrastructure (WAN Service) which can be free of cost for BPL card holders and other members based on various criteria

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