Microsoft Viva Engage, start interacting but how? Read to know

Microsoft Viva's Viva Engage lets you interact with leaders and coworkers, look up information, exchange interesting tales, and discover a sense of community at work.

Microsoft Viva Engage, start interacting within your organisation better

The newest app within Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Viva Engage, was unveiled by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, at Microsoft Inspire. It is intended to assist organizations in creating a sense of community, fostering leadership engagement, utilizing knowledge and solutions, and creating personal networks. The existing Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams will be replaced by Microsoft Viva Engage, which will offer additional features to connect people, find and exchange information, express yourself, and feel a sense of belonging at work. Instantly deployable into the Teams desktop, web, and mobile platforms is Viva Engage. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva both heavily rely on Yammer, although this move mainly affects the Communities app for Teams & Outlook.

Human connections are a key ingredient of an engaged and successful company culture yet building relationships in a world of remote and hybrid work is a challenge so, how can you create a sense of belonging and purpose for employees?

Enter viva engage part of the Microsoft viva employee experience platform designed to connect people across your company through conversations communities events and open sharing.

With viva engage, your employees can have discussions with co-workers build and join communities get answers to their questions share their unique stories and interests and find belonging at work.

Everything from connecting with company leaders to sharing best practices with first-time managers, or creating a place where pet lovers can show off photos.  Viva engage strengthens relationships and helps build a culture of involvement in today's hybrid and remote environments.

Microsoft viva is part of Microsoft 365 and it's integrated into the apps and services companies are using around the world to empower people and teams to be their best.

Viva Engage will continue to show the same network, home feed, and communities that you see today in Yammer. Any content created on or mobile – including community conversations, storyline posts, and stories – will be viewable in Viva Engage. Likewise, content created in Engage will show up in Yammer native experiences. Viva Engage will also continue respecting any custom branding done for the Communities app. To use Viva Engage an organization must be licensed for Yammer.

To know more and to start engaging using Microsoft Viva Engage, head over here