What is on today's google homepage - Celebrating Stefan Banach

 Google Doodle Celebrates Celebrating Stefan Banach

What is on today's google home page - Celebrating Stefan Banach

Today's Google Doodle honors Stefan Banach, a founding member of the Lwów School of Mathematics and the father of contemporary functional analysis. On this day in 1922, a renowned twentieth-century mathematician was formally appointed as a professor.

Stefan Banach was born in the Polish city of Kraków. He never met his mother, and his father abandoned him to be raised by a city family. Banach was ruled ineligible for military duty due to his poor eyesight and taught at local schools during World War I.

Banach was hired at Lvov Technical University after releasing mathematical articles he worked on in his leisure time. He was a mathematician and professor who was mainly self-taught. Hugo Steinhaus, a well-known mathematician and educator, befriended a young Banach. Steinhaus, a pioneer in game and probability theory, subsequently referred to Banach as his "biggest scientific discovery."

Banach established contemporary functional analysis, an altogether new discipline of mathematics, with the assistance of Steinhaus' academic contacts. Many ideas, including Banach spaces, Banach algebra, and the Banach-Steinhaus theorem, are named after him.

He was also a founding member of the renowned mathematical school in what is now Lviv, Ukraine. Banach had an impact on the school's distinct culture. Faculty would gather in loud cafés to debate and formulate problems, and they would write right on the tables.

Banach is widely regarded as one of the most influential mathematicians of the 20th century. He made major contributions to the theory of topological vector spaces, measure theory, integration, the theory of sets, orthogonal series and functional analysis, which is still studied and used today. 

Thank you for your invaluable contributions to mathematics, Stefan Banach!

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