Windows 10 update leads to damage and important component "may fail"

June Microsoft 10 Update may break some components

Windows 10 update leads to damage and important component "may fail"

Anyone using Windows 10 should check which update the computer has loaded. One from June 28 officially causes problems.

Microsoft received an increasing number of complaints concerning detrimental repercussions following the release of Windows update KB5014666 (operating system versions 19042.1806, 19043.1806, and 19044.1806) a month ago. Meanwhile, the company has verified that issue is causing printer difficulties and is proposing remedies.

Windows 10 Update Issue?

  • As Microsoft explains in a blog post , users who have downloaded the Windows update from June 28, 2022 are affected. This can disrupt the printing process for printers connected via USB.
  • The updated software causes Windows 10 to create copies of already installed devices. These usually have the same designation plus the appendix "Copy1". Applications that refer to the newly created version can then no longer print. Microsoft confirms in this regard:
  • "Normal printer usage can be disrupted, resulting in printing failure."

Microsoft Statement

  • In the settings, you can simply determine if your machine is affected. There are installed printers there, and you may utilise the "Printer properties" option to print test pages to ensure they operate. According to the organisation, if you discover a glitch in this manner, you should contact the feedback centre and report the issues there.

Solutions to the Windows 10 problem

  • To begin, the "Copy1" entry can be removed. If your printer is no longer accessible, Microsoft suggests that you install a driver update. It's most likely on the separate manufacturer's help sites.

In the meantime, Microsoft says it is working on solving the problem and will provide another update as soon as it is found. However, this may take some time.