Microsoft OneDrive turns 15 and your files are getting a new Home!

OneDrive turns 15, Microsoft Delivering new and intuitive experiences 

Microsoft OneDrive turns 15 and your files are getting a new Home!

OneDrive is turning 15. 15 years of sharing, collaborating, and having all your files at your fingertips. To celebrate, Microsoft giving a new home! A new landing experience that goes great with your coffee whenever your workday begins. Check out your content feed based on what's most relevant to you. Filter your recent files by type. Users can stay up to date with the most recent activity, so you're on the same page as your colleagues. Find or get back to places where you regularly work by pinning them for quick access. All of this comes together in a consistent sharing experience across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. So your files are secure, up to date, and right where you need them.

Microsoft is commemorating OneDrive's 15th birthday today and with that there are some changes coming on to OneDrive, whether you're working on a significant project at work, organising a family reunion, backing up critical data to a new device, or interacting with friends and family via images and videos. Microsoft changed the OneDrive Home user interface to make it simple for you to pick up where you left off and complete your work. OneDrive will soon display your most pertinent files and list your most recent files along with any activity updates so you can easily select where to start working and view everything at a glance.

Microsoft has upgraded OneDrive Home's Recent view. By doing this, you can make sure that you can quickly locate the files you need to work on first in the morning or whenever your workday starts. Have you handed in a customer roadmap or a product launch guide to your peers for review? Using the buttons at the top of the Recent file list, you may now filter by file type (.docx,.pptx,.xlsx, and.pdf). To go to that launch guide and do the finishing touches, just choose the Word button.

You have access to all the collaboration features, including as threaded comments, @mentions, real-time coauthoring, and highlighted changes, through OneDrive to help you and your team produce high-quality solutions. Microsoft has added an Activity column to OneDrive that displays the most recent, unseen updates and comments on your shared documents so you are constantly aware of these events. The Activity column also appears in the My files view so you can see which reviewers have left comments for you to handle. It displays all shares, @mentions, comments, and assigned tasks from collaborators.

For example, if you’re working with your team on a white paper for a new product release, you can review the Activity column to see any edits or comments that require your attention or anyone you need to remind to address action items.

Finally, you may pin document libraries to the Quick access area in OneDrive Home's left navigation so that you can quickly locate and access the locations where you frequently work. OneDrive Home won't be accessible for some time. Users using OneDrive for work and education will gradually receive the new landing experience.

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