Microsoft Teams Updates allows you create, submit, and review employee updates

Updates in Microsoft Teams allow you create, submit, and review employee updates

Microsoft Teams Updates allows you create, submit, and review employee updates

An out-of-the-box app Updates in Microsoft Teams helps users produce, publish, and evaluate all of their updates, check-ins, and reports while they are still in the middle of their job. This saves them time and energy. Upgrades make it simple for you to handle them in one location, whether they are ongoing procedures that take place regularly or urgent updates that might be required at any time.

Frontline employees are the heart and frequently the face of the global economy. But the frontline labour of today frequently needs to use outdated equipment and manual methods to complete tasks. Microsoft Teams let individuals generate, publish, and evaluate all of their updates while still working, saving them time and energy. Whether they are ongoing procedures that occur often or immediate updates that could be required at any time.

You can easily manage these in one location thanks to Updates. Every week, Northwind Traders' industrial facilities undergo a safety walkthrough by operations manager Kadji Bell and her staff. All of these walkthroughs need to be readily reviewed, tracked, and recorded by Kadji in real time. She then navigates to the Updates app in Teams where she can rapidly generate a safety check update using an out-of-the-box template and customise it to her teams' requirements.

Kadji titles it “Weekly safety walkthrough,” fills out the description… reviews the existing questions… and adds a new question… She can then assign the team members who will be submitting the weekly walkthrough, and add anyone on the broader team who may need to see the updates as they come in. She requires pictures for submission. She sets up a recurring due date for the update…. and then publishes the “Weekly safety walkthrough” out to her team. She now sees it alongside the other Updates templates she has made! Josh Vanburen, a plant floor operator, sees that Kadji has assigned  the new “Weekly safety walkthrough” update.

He clicks on the update to start his walkthrough and begins filling out the fields right on his mobile device. He takes photos of some signage that needs maintenance… And once finished, submits the update! As Kadji is walking the plant, she sees that Josh submitted his update. She clicks on the notification to check out the submission as well as the progress of all the week’s reports and updates. She can easily see which assigned updates have been submitted and which she is still waiting on… for this week and the previous weeks.

She can also dig deeper to see Josh’s update to make sure everything looks good. Later in the day, Kadji notices that a machine wasn’t reset during a shift changeover. She goes into the “Incident response team” group chat to alert them of the issue. Inside the group chat, she can easily access the Updates app and creates an “Incident response” update for the group to see, without leaving the chat where they

communicate on resolving these issues every day. Kadji fills out the “Incident response” update... and submits it right to the chat.

She then sees Eric Ishida, a machine technician on shift. Eric acknowledges receiving the update, and notes that they will get right on it… With Updates in Microsoft Teams, workers can save time and easily manage all their updates in one location without leaving the flow of work.

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