- Know everything about latest solar roof top portal - A national portal for registering Rooftop Solar applications from the beneficiary, approval thereof, and tracking progress. 

Know everything about latest solar roof top portal

The household beneficiary will submit an application on the national web if they want to install Rooftop Solar (RTS) under the new process. The beneficiary must provide all needed information, including the specifics of the bank account to which the subsidy money will be paid. The beneficiary will be notified of the whole procedure and the total amount of the subsidy available for the installation of the RTS plant at the time of application. Within the following 15 working days, the application will be submitted electronically to the relevant DISCOM for the issue of the technical feasibility approval. The application will be made available on the DISCOM site after it has been transferred to the DISCOM.

The list of empanelled vendors will be available on the portal. After determining technical feasibility, the beneficiary will install the RTS plant from any vendor of his choice by selecting solar modules meeting the conditions of DCR and enlistment under ALMM and inverters which are certified by BIS. MNRE will release standards and specifications for RTS plant as well as a template for an agreement that has to be signed by the beneficiary and the vendor in order to guarantee quality and post-installation services. In addition to other terms and conditions, the agreement will include a clause ensuring that the RTS plant installed complies with performance and safety standards and that the vendor will maintain the plant for the next five years or longer in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

The recipient must install the RTS plant within a certain time frame or his application will be revoked, and he must reapply for RTS plant installation. Following the installation of the RTS plant, the beneficiary will apply for net-metering through the national portal, which will be transmitted to the relevant DISCOM online. The responsible DISCOM will either purchase and install the net meter or advise the recipient to purchase the net meter in accordance with the stipulated specifications and have it tested by a DISCOM accredited lab. The DISCOM's decision will be displayed on the portal.

Following net-meter installation, the DISCOM officer will send a commissioning and inspection report to the national portal, which will be reflected on the DISCOM portal. The DISCOM will deposit the subsidy immediately into the beneficiary's bank account after getting the inspection report. The entire procedure would be monitored, and a grievance redressal system will be implemented.

Get all your questions clarified about Solar Roof Top Portal

Get all your questions clarified about Solar Roof Top Portal

What is a simplified procedure for the installation of a rooftop solar PV system?

  • In addition to the existing procedure of tendering/empanelment by the state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs), MNRE has introduced a simplified procedure through which the beneficiaries can install the rooftop solar project either by themselves or through any vendor of their choice. Under this procedure, it will not be mandatory for the beneficiary to install the project only through the vendors empanelled by the DISCOMs. The beneficiary will have to apply online at the National Portal for installing the RTS system and the subsidy/CFA will be transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary directly after the successful installation of RTS project.

What is the National Portal (NP)

  • MNRE has developed a ‘National Portal (NP)’ for the registration of applications under the simplified procedure. The whole process from submission of application to the release of subsidy/CFA would be implemented in online mode through this portal. The portal can be accessed through the link

How can I register on National Portal (NP)

  • For registration at NP, the applicant will need an electricity bill, an active 10-digit Mobile number, and an active E-mail ID. The consumer will also be required to download SANDES App on his mobile. First, the applicant has to visit the registration page of the national portal and select the state and the concerned DISCOM. Then the applicant has to enter consumer account no. mentioned in the electricity bill, mobile number, and mail id. After entering these details, an OTP will be sent through SANDES App for mobile number verification. On successful verification of the mobile number, an account activation link will be received on the mail-id provided. The activation link will also include the details of the simplified procedure. After clicking on the activation link received in the email, the account would be activated and the beneficiary will be redirected to NP for submission of the application.

Is there any application fee for applying on NP?

  • No, there is no application fee for submission application on the national portal. However, there may be fees for net metering which may be charged by the respective DISCOMs.

Is there any difference in subsidy/CFA in both modes i.e. DIY or DISCOM empanelled Vendors?

  • Yes, there can be differences in subsidy/CFA. The subsidy/CFA available for the applicant under respective modes would be displayed to the applicant during the application stage.

Can I apply for net-metering through NP

  • Yes. An applicant can apply for net-metring and inspection through the national portal. The application process of NP has been uploaded on the portal.

What bank details are required for the release of subsidy through NP?

  • After receipt of the online commissioning/completion report from DISCOM, the applicant will have to enter the following details for claiming subsidy/CFA:

• Name of the beneficiary

• Account number

• Bank Name

• IFS Code

• Copy of canceled cheque to be uploaded on the portal

How can I raise a complaint/ grievance, in case of non-receipt of subsidy amount in a given time?

  • You need to raise a complaint under the grievance section on NP.

What would be the cost of the system charged by the vendor under a simplified procedure?

  • Under the simplified procedure, the cost of the system would be mutually decided by the consumer and the vendor. However, the consumer can get an idea of the prevailing market rates of the RTS system through benchmark costs issued by MNRE and the cost discovered in the different states.

How can I ensure the quality of the system installed by the vendor?

  • MNRE has issued technical standards and specifications for various components of RTS plant. The consumer shall sign an agreement with the vendor that the installation and commissioning of the RTS system would be in accordance with the technical standards and specifications issued by MNRE. MNRE has prepared a model agreement and the same can be adopted by the consumer.
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