What is Microsoft Dataverse?

Do you ever struggle to put together the puzzle of data in your organizational systems? 

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

It can be difficult to put the pieces together on your own, but with Microsoft Dataverse, all your data can be connected and ready to access at your fingertips. 

  • Innovate easily with Microsoft Dataverse - Create and run thousands of applications, flows, and intelligent agents with a smart, secure, and scalable low-code data platform
  • Deliver services with agility - Quickly add business value with an extensible data platform that uses out-of-the-box common tables, extended attributes, semantic meanings, and an open ecosystem enabled by Common Data Model.
  • Increase scale and efficiency - Boost productivity and reduce costs by quickly developing applications, processes, and reusable data schemes. Repeatably build, validate, and deploy your applications using GitHub and Azure DevOps.
  • Make your data work smarter - Get more accurate insights by adding low-code AI tools to your process automation. Identify and resolve duplicated and conflicting data with a managed data platform that includes built-in business logic and rules.
  • Rely on the security of a trusted platform - Protect your data with a robust security management infrastructure that provides critical security and compliance capabilities—advanced encryption, rich access control, and deep integration with Azure Active Directory.

Quickly build apps and intelligent bots in Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Make working in Microsoft Teams more productive and collaborative with Dataverse for Teams—a low-code data platform built into Teams. Remove friction for users having to switch between multiple services and apps with an end-to-end experience. Create secure, integrated solutions with Microsoft Power Apps and support your workforce with intelligent bots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

So what is Microsoft Dataverse? 

The short answer is that it's a secure, scalable and intelligent platform for Microsoft power platform and Microsoft dynamics 365, but it's more than just a place to store your data. It's a system of action. Dataverse empowers your entire organization to unlock data's fullest potential leading to faster insights and helps you overcome the expensive and time-consuming problem of building out a complex data infrastructure. Instead Dataverse unifies all data types in one place on an adaptable data platform that even non-developers can use.  Enterprises can modernize and move quickly working with a consistent backend data schema to build multiple connected solutions. 

For instance, banks can use Dataverse to do everything from enhancing in branch customer experiences, to streamlining hundreds of internal processes with all the right data from CRM and third-party systems at their fingertips. Banks can quickly create apps that connect customers to the right services, increase operational efficiency and enhance security and compliance. Thanks to low code capabilities with pro dev integrations. Anyone can quickly build useful apps and deploy them at all locations in a matter of weeks or even days. 

Dataverse accelerates solutions by automating and enhancing time-consuming processes. It uses data models and builds reusable components that can help you scale with thousands of applications. One part of your business can make use of the work of others. Speeding up the delivery of innovative services. And Dataverse uses one security and auditing model across all data easing security and compliance. With Dataverse, you can build powerful business solutions that transform your operations, your processes, and your entire organization.

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