What is on today's google home page - Qixi Festival 2022

Google Doodle Celebrating Qixi Festival 2022

What is on today's google home page - Qixi Festival 2022

Today's Doodle honors the Qixi Festival, a traditional Asian event based on a love legend that is celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, and other regions of Asia. It's also known as the Magpie Festival, the Double Seventh Festival, and the Night of the Sevens. On the lunar calendar, it is observed on the seventh day of the seventh month. Singles and couples give presents such as flowers and sweets to their love interests on this day.

In ancient times, the ancient Chinese worshipped stars and discovered Niulang (or oxherd, Altair) and Zhinü (or weaver maiden, Vega) meeting in the sky on the double seventh. The romantic tradition tells of an oxherd and a fairy who, despite their differences, fell madly in love. According to the narrative, Zhinü chose to remain on Earth without permission and became a weaver girl.

When the queen mother of the heavens found out about their marriage, she made Zhinü return. Niulang then sailed into the heavens above with their two children to save his wife before the queen deported him back to Earth. She then used her hairpin to build the Milky Way, a river that connects the Earth and the heavens. The couple's anguish was felt all throughout the world. The queen, moved by the family's profound sadness at their separation, enabled them to meet on the double seventh over a bridge of magpies flying over the river.

The Qixi Festival dates back to the Han Dynasty. Older customs included artisan exhibits, prayer rituals dedicated to Zhinü, and flower-hanging ceremonies honoring oxen. Younger generations, who choose to celebrate in simpler ways, are less aware of these customs. The legend of Niulang and Zhinü, on the other hand, has deep roots in the hearts of Chinese-speaking people all over the world.

Happy Qixi Festival!

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