Download Latest Medical Certificate of fitness

Medical certificate for fitness is a very important document which is used in many selection for jobs, admissions and many other places,. Find a medical certificate for fitness, which you can use for your needs, Download and use the latest format of fitness medical certificate. 

Download Latest Medical Certificate of fitness


I have examined Shri Kumari Smt.  _________________________ Son Daughter of Shri aged

Years, of Village: __________________ P.O ___________ P.S______________Dist..............State.........

 ...............PIN.............and certify that, he/she is free from deafness, defective vision

(including colour vision) or any other infirmity, mental or physical, likely to 

interferewith the efficiency Of his her work and found him /her possessing good health.

This certificate is being given to him /her for the purpose of ______________________________

Signature of Candidate

(To be signed in presence of the Medical Oficer)

Signature of Medical Officer:

Name of Medical Officer: Dr.

Registration No.

Dated:                                                                                                       Seal

Note: Medical certificate granted bya qualified medical practitioner holding at least M.B.B.S. Degree and registered with Medical Council of India, shall only be valid. The date of issue of the medical certificate should be within one year from the date of application. 

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