Download Medical Fitness Certificate for TNEA admission

TNEA Medical Fitness Certificate Download

Download Medical Fitness Certificate for TNEA admission

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2022 (TNEA 2022) is a complete online process includes Registration, Payments, Choice Filling, Allotment and Confirmation and for the TNEA application candidate needs to provide a Medical Fitness Certificate which needs to be issued by Registered Medical Practitioner. (For Students of U.G. & P.G. Admissions). TNEA Application No on it.

Please find the TNEA Counselling medical certificate format and easy download from here


Medical Fitness Certificate to be issued by Registered Medical Practitioner 

(For Students of U.G. & P.G. Admissions) 

TNEA Application No: 

Name: ___________________________________; Gender: _________________ 

Code & College in which admitted: ____________________________; 

Date of Birth: ________________ 

Name of the Course : _______________________________________ 

Indicate your response by ticking (√) appropriate one 

1. Do you have any minor or major complaint? Yes / No If Yes, describe_____________________ 

2. Are you allergic to any medicine or any others? Yes / No If Yes, describe _____________________ 3. Have you ever had any operation or been advised any operation? Yes / No If Yes, describe _____________________ 

4. Are you Physically Challenged? Yes / No If Yes, Indicate: Visual / Hearing / Orthopedic 

I declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. Signature of the Candidate 

I. General Information : Height: ________cms; Weight: ________kgs 

II. Insp: _________cms; Exp: ________cms; Resp.Rate: ________/min B.P: _________mm Hg Pulse: ________/min. 

III. Blood Group & Rh type : __________________________________________ 


V. Personal marks of Identification : 1 ______________________________________________ 

VI. 2 ______________________________________________ 

VII. C.V.S. : 

VIII. Respiratory System : 

IX. G.I.System : 

X. C.N.S : 

XI. Musculoskeletal System : 

XII. Examination of Eyes : 

XIII. E.N.T : 

XIV. Urinary System : 

XV. Remarks : 

I do hereby certify that I have examined the above candidate. He / She is fit to join the above mentioned course.