Google Starline Teleporting you to location where you want to be

 Google Teleporting Project - Star Line

Google Teleporting Project - Star Line

Coworkers can feel as though they are together even when they are in different places thanks to Experiment Starline, a technological project.

Users of the technology may communicate with one another in life-size, three-dimensional detail by talking, gesturing, and making eye contact. Major developments in machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio, and light field display technologies have made it conceivable.

Google Teleporting Project - Star Line

Prototypes of Project Starline may be found in Google offices all around the country. Staff members use the technology daily for meetings, onboarding new employees, and fostering a sense of community among coworkers. Results indicate that Project Starline can boost worker presence, focus, and productivity in comparison to conventional video calling solutions. People have said that the conversation seemed natural and allowed them to connect with the person seated across from them.

Google Starline in Google Office

Project Starline, and the technology's ability to tackle the critical problem of wanting to be with someone even when you can't physically be together.