Udayabharatham Sanatana Dharma January 2023 Calendar

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice with the Udayabharatham Sanatana Dharma January 2023 Calendar | ഉദയഭാരതം സനാതൻ ധർമ്മം ജനുവരി 2023 കലണ്ടർ

Udayabharatham Sanatana Dharma January 2023 Calendar

About Udayabharatham charitable trust

  • Udayabharatham began as a WhatsApp Group in April 2015 (Vishu day), and has now evolved into a registered charity trust via several stages of innovation. Initially, they just had four WhatsApp groups, but now they have 150+ core groups directly controlled from their headquarters and many more subsidiaries from all over the world.

  • Udayabharatham has organised organisations for health assistance, legal advice, physicians, and mothers (matru devo bhava), with coordinators in every district in Kerala. Their Facebook page has over 4 lakh fans from 50+ countries globally, and they have a dedicated YouTube channel for Udayabharatham with over 2 lakh subscribers worldwide.

About Udayabharatham Calendar

  • Udayabharatham's 'Seva' mission has completed projects worth 50 lakhs. Our one-of-a-kind calendar, Udayabharatham Calendar - the first Sanatana Dharma Calendar with 360-degree heritage insights and Sanatana Dharma rituals to do and information - may be found in one million homes throughout the world. We were able to rebuild a few ruined/partially damaged temples in the Malabar region with our baby steps and earnest efforts.

DateSpecial Day
2 MondaySankashti Chaturthi
10 TuesdayIndira Ekadashi
11 WednesdayPradosh Vrat (K)
12 ThursdayMasik Shivaratri
14 SaturdayAshwin Amavasya
15 SundaySharad Navratri
18 WednesdayTula Sankranti
20 FridayKalparambha
21 SaturdayNavpatrika Puja
22 SundayDurga Puja Ashtami
23 MondayDurga Maha Navami Puja
24 TuesdayDurga Visarjan
25 WednesdayPapankusha Ekadashi
26 ThursdayPradosh Vrat (S)
28 SaturdayAshwin Purnima Vrat

About Sanatana Dharma

  • Sanatana Dharma, also known as Hinduism, is an ancient and diverse religious tradition that originated in India. It is based on the belief in one ultimate reality called Brahman, and teaches the importance of living a moral and virtuous life, fulfilling one's dharma (righteousness and duty), and striving for personal growth and self-improvement. Hinduism involves various rituals, ceremonies, and daily spiritual practices, and includes the veneration of a wide range of deities. It has a long and rich history, and continues to be a vital and thriving faith for millions of people around the world.

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