How to use Condom in the right way

A Guide to Safe and Effective Condom Use

How to use Condom in the right way

In preventing pregnancy and the transmission of STDs, condoms play a critical role by promoting healthy sexual practises (STIs). It is crucial to know the proper procedures and recommendations for using condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Clear requirements on how to appropriately use a condom are given below.

Choosing the Right Condom for your need.

There are a wide variety of condoms available, each with its own size, shape, substance, and sensitivity. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind while picking out the perfect condom:

  • Choose a condom that suits you well in terms of size. On the other hand, if it's too loose, it might fall off, and if it's too tight, it could shatter.

  • Material: Condoms can be made of latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene. Latex is the most commonly used material, but those with latex allergies can opt for polyurethane or polyisoprene.

  • You may pick from a variety of forms, such as straight-sided, flared, or contoured. Feel free to experiment with various shapes to discover the most pleasant and comfortable one for you.

  • Lubrication: Some condoms come pre-lubricated, while others require additional lube. Water-based lubes are safe to use with all types of condoms, but oil-based lubes can weaken latex.

How to Use a Condom properly for effective and safe usage?

Be sure the condom is still in good condition by checking the expiration date and using only new ones. No tears or other damage should be present on the packing.

  • Place the condom on the head of the penis: Hold the condom at the tip and place it on the head of the penis, making sure that it's right-side up.

  • Use your fingers to unroll the condom so that it fits snugly around the penis's shaft.

  • If the condom isn't pre-lubricated, you can improve sensation and reduce the risk of breaking by applying a water-based lubrication to the outside of the condom.

  • After ejaculating, while removing the penis, hold the condom in place to keep it from falling off.

  • Wrap the used condom in a tissue and discard it. Please don't dispose of it in the toilet.

Tips for Effective Condom Usage

  • When engaging in sexual activity, always wear a fresh condom for maximum protection.

  • Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

  • Condoms are more likely to break if lubes containing oils are used.

  • Don't use your teeth or scissors to open the packaging: Using sharp objects can damage the condom and increase the risk of breakage.

Condoms should not be reused due to the increased risk of breakage and sexually transmitted infections. Finally, proper condom use is a vital part of sex safety. This advice and information will help you use condoms safely and securely, safeguarding both you and your partner.