Latest 2023 English shayari for a pleasant conversation

The Magic of English Shayari: Exploring the Beauty of Love and Emotion through Poetry 

द मैजिक ऑफ़ इंग्लिश शायरी: एक्सप्लोरिंग द ब्यूटी ऑफ़ लव एंड इमोशन थ्रू पोएट्री

Poems written in the English shayari style use the eloquence of the English language to convey feelings of love and affection. It combines the beauty of classical Indian poetry with the enchantment of the English language to create a style that is both distinct and compelling. Poets writing in English shayari have a worldwide audience to which they may communicate their most intimate thoughts and feelings. 

Everyday people from all walks of life may find something in English shayari to relate to, whether it's the agony of heartbreak or the excitement of a new romantic encounter.  We'll also illustrate the strength of this engaging art form by showcasing some of the most beautiful and poignant instances of English shayari. So, if you're a poetry buff or just seeking for a fresh approach to get your thoughts over, you've come to the right place.

Top 10 Latest English Shayari

"Prem ka sundarata kabhi kam nahi hota

Chahe kitne bhi andhere ho

Wo raat ko hume sahi raah dikhati hai

Prem itna mazboot hai ki sahi mehsus hota hai"

"Tum meri zindagi mein fit ho jaane wali missing puzzle piece ho

Tumhare saath mera pyar kabhi khatam nahi hoga

Tum mera pyar, khushi aur shanti ho"

"Maine socha tha ki main pyar jaanta hoon

Lekin tumne mujhe kuch naya dikhaaya

Tumhara pyar ek chanchal aur sachcha phool jaisa hai

Tumse pyar karne par mujhe bahut khushi hoti hai"

"Main sirf ek aam insaan hoon

Lekin tumhara pyar mujhe amar banane ka anubhav deta hai

Main tumhara hoon, ab aur hamesha"

"Tumhara pyar ek symphony jaisa hai

Meri dil mein madhur taal bajati hai

Main tumhare taalon mein khoya rehta hoon

Kabhi alag nahi rehna chahta"

"Tumhara pyar ek aag jaisa hai

Jiska roshan dhuan tej hota hai

Wo mujhe apni iccha se jalane lagta hai

Mujhe koi darr ya shak nahi hota"

"Tumhara haath lagana jaadu ki tarah hai

Mera dil khushi se bhar jaata hai

Main tumhara hoon, hamesha aur ab tak"

"Tumhara pyar ek nadi jaisa hai

Jo befikar bahta rehta hai

Main tumhara hoon, hamesha ke liye"

"Tumhara pyar ek geet jaisa hai

Jo meri aatma mein gungunaati hai

Main tumhara hoon, ab aur hamesha

Tumhara pyar ek nishkriya raag hai"

"Tumhara pyar ek tara jaisa hai

Jo tej aur sachcha roshan hai

Main tumhara hoon, eternally

Tumhara pyar ek khubsurat nazara hai"

Top 10 Latest English Poem

"The beauty of love, it never fades

Even in the darkest of days

It's the light that guides us through the night

A love so strong, it feels just right"

"You are the missing puzzle piece

That fit into my life with ease

Together, our love will never cease

You are my love, my joy, my peace"

"I thought I knew what love was

But you showed me something new

Your love is a rose, delicate and true

I am grateful to be loved by you"

"I am but a mere mortal

But your love has made me feel immortal

I am yours, now and forever

Our love is a bond we will treasure"

"Your love is like a symphony

Playing sweet melodies in my heart

I am lost in your melodies

Never wanting to be apart"

"Your love is like a fire

Burning bright and fierce

It consumes me with its desire

Leaving me with no fear or doubt"

"Your touch is like magic

It fills my heart with joy

I am yours, forever and always

Our love is a boundless joy"

"Your love is like a river

Flowing endlessly and free

I am yours, for all time

Our love is a beautiful tapestry"

"Your love is like a song

Echoing through my soul

I am yours, now and always

Our love is a never-ending melody"

"Your love is like a star

Shining bright and true

I am yours, for eternity

Our love is a beautiful view"