Budget 2023 - 2024 at a Glance (Numbers for Easy Understanding)

Budget at a Glance presents broad aggregates of the Budget for easy understanding | बजट एक नजर में

Budget 2023 - 2024 at a Glance (Numbers for Easy Understanding)

Extract of the document which shows receipts and expenditure as well as the Fiscal Deficit (FD), Revenue Deficit

  • (RD, Effective Revenue Deficit (ERD) and the Primary Deficit (PD) of the Government of India. It gives an illustrative account of sources of receipts and their expenditure through graphs and infographics. In addition, the document contains details with respect to the resources transferred to the States and UTs with legislature. The document also encompasses extracts of allocations for programme and schemes and giving insights on sources of deficit financing and composition of important budgetary variables.

  • Fiscal Deficit (FD) is the adverse fiscal balance which is a difference between the Revenue Receipts Plus Non-Debt Capital Receipts (NDCR) i.e. total of the non-debt receipts and the total expenditure. FD is reflective of the total borrowing requirement of Government. Revenue Deficit (RD) refers to the excess of revenue expenditure over revenue receipts. Effective Revenue Deficit (ERD) is the difference between Revenue Deficit and Grant-in-Aid for Creation of Capital Assets. Primary Deficit is measured as Fiscal Deficit less interest payments. Effective Capital Expenditure (Eff-Capex) refers to the sum of Capital Expenditure and Grants-in-Aid for Creation of Capital Assets.

  • The receipts and expenditure depicted in this document are net of receipts and recoveries as explained in the reconciliation statements provided in the Receipt Budget (Annex-3) and Expenditure Profile Document (Statement No. 17).

  • In RE 2022-23, the total expenditure has been estimated at `41,87,232 crore and is more than Actuals of FY 2021-22 by `3,93,431 crore. The total capital expenditure in RE 2022-23 is estimated at `7,28,274 crore

  • The total expenditure in BE 2023-24 is estimated at `45,03,097 crore of which total capital expenditure is `10,00,961 crore. Budget 2023-24 reflects continuing strong commitment of the Union Government to boost economic growth by investing in infrastructure development leading to an increase in capital expenditure by 37.4 per cent over RE 2022-23. Effective Capital Expenditure, at `13,70,949 crore in BE 2023-24, shows an increase of 30.1 per cent over RE 2022-23.

  • Total resources being transferred to the States including the devolution of State’s share, Grants/Loans and releases under Centrally Sponsored Schemes, etc. in BE 2023-24 is `17,97,537 crore, which shows an increase of `1,43,056 crore over Actuals of FY 2021-22.

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