Jana Bank QR Code Payment

UPI QR Code Loan Repayment of Jana Small Finance Bank

Jana Bank QR Code Payment

Jana Small Finance Bank uses the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for its payment service on Jana’s website. The solution enables you to credit your loan account held with Jana Small Finance Bank through your UPI-linked application. It ensures a fast and swift transfer of money with direct credit to your loan account.

What is UPI QR Code Payment?

The UPI QR code loan payback service is a digital payment option that enables borrowers to pay back loans from the convenience of their mobile devices. For clients who do not have access to conventional banking services, it is a safe and hassle-free payment option.

Feature Benefit of Jana Bank QR Code Payment

Convenient Facility

  • Transfer money easily using any UPI linked PSP app
  • Repay your loan instantly and digitally

Easy QR code generation

  • The payer need to just enter his loan account number in the Jana Small Finance Bank’s website which will fetch all the details automatically with a final QR code unique to your Loan account held with Jana Small Finance Bank.

Flexible Payment Options

  • No lower limit for transfer
  • 24X7 facility for send or receive fund

Eligibility Criteria for using Jana Bank QR Code

  • Must be a smartphone user
  • Must hold a Loan account with Jana Small Finance Bank.

How to Use Jana Small Finance Bank QR Code application

Follow the steps given below to download and use the service:

  • Step 1. Click on https://janabank.sarvatra.in/public/account#step-1
  • Step 2. Enter your Loan account no. with Jana Bank
  • Step 3. Read the terms & conditions and click on agree to proceed
  • Step 4. Click on proceed for the details of your loan
  • Step 5. Verify your loan details and proceed to generate QR code
  • Step 6. Download/Take a print out of the QR code
  • Step 7. Verify the QR code with the “J” logo in the QR code and your name
  • Step 8. Scan the QR with any UPI applications available on your handheld devices
  • Step 9. Verify it with your loan account number and name
  • Step 10. Make your payment with UPI PIN

For any details call your respective Relationship Manager/Toll Free No.1800 4200

Paying off loans via UPI QR codes is a swift, risk-free, and frugal option. Clients who lack access to conventional banking services will find this mode of payment particularly convenient because of its instantaneous processing and lack of a need for physical cash. Customers can quickly and conveniently make loan repayments using UPI QR codes by following the methods indicated in this article.