Latest Google Search tricks, tips and more

Get your Googling Skills Mastered this year!

Latest Google Search tricks, tips and more

People say Googling is an art and we say its a skill and here in this article we will provide high level information which will help you to master the skill also you will have 100 Google Search Trick which you may be already using unknowingly.

Whatever its said and done, read the article and get some information which may save you some time, don't comment and challenge us on the Chat GPT Topics, that's a different league. If you are a beginner then first master the googling skill and then head to Chat GPT.

Google's search features to your advantage, so that your material will perform better on search engine results pages.

Use Long-tail Keywords

  • Long-tail keywords are phrases that are typically lengthier and more detailed, and are used by consumers who are ready to make a purchase. Your content's search engine rankings will improve and your website's quality traffic will increase if you use long-tail keywords. For example, instead of utilizing the broad term "shoes", use long-tail keywords like "top running shoes for women" or "cheap dress shoes for men".

Here are 100 Google search tricks that can be easily followed by you from now:

  1. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase: "best pizza in town"
  2. Use the minus sign to exclude words: pizza -delivery
  3. Use the site: operator to search a specific website: coronavirus
  4. Use the filetype: operator to search for a specific file type: filetype:pdf renewable energy
  5. Use the define: operator to get the definition of a word: define:sustainability
  6. Use the weather operator to get the current weather: weather new york
  7. Use the time operator to get the current time: time los angeles
  8. Use the currency converter to convert currencies: 10 USD to EUR
  9. Use the calculator to do math: 5 * 10 / 2
  10. Use the flight tracker to track flights: AA 123
  11. Use the movie showtimes operator to find showtimes: movie showtimes near me
  12. Use the package tracking operator to track packages: UPS tracking
  13. Use the map operator to get directions: map from New York to Boston
  14. Use the stock market operator to get stock prices: AAPL stock
  15. Use the image search to find images: cute puppies
  16. Use the news search to find news articles: climate change news
  17. Use the video search to find videos: funny cat videos
  18. Use the book search to find books: harry potter book series
  19. Use the patent search to search for patents: apple patents
  20. Use the flight simulator to fly a plane: flight simulator
  21. Use the language translator to translate languages: translate from English to Spanish
  22. Use the calorie counter to track calories: calories in a banana
  23. Use the music search to find songs: popular songs 2022
  24. Use the timer to set a timer: 10 minute timer
  25. Use the stopwatch to time events: stopwatch timer
  26. Use the sunrise and sunset operator to find the sunrise and sunset times: sunrise time los angeles
  27. Use the moon phase operator to find the moon phase: moon phase tonight
  28. Use the holiday operator to find holidays: when is Easter
  29. Use the public data search to find public data: population of California
  30. Use the flight price comparison tool to compare flight prices: compare flight prices
  31. Use the currency exchange rate to find exchange rates: euro to dollar exchange rate
  32. Use the color picker to find colors: color picker
  33. Use the Earth View to see beautiful images of the Earth: Google Earth View
  34. Use the live traffic updates to check traffic: live traffic updates
  35. Use the public alerts to get emergency alerts: emergency alerts near me
  36. Use the google doodles to see special google logos: google doodles
  37. Use the google arts and culture to explore art and culture: google arts and culture
  38. Use the Google Keep to take notes: google keep
  39. Use the Google Translate app to translate languages on your phone: Google Translate app
  40. Use the Google Drive to store files: google drive
  41. Use the Google Calendar to keep track of events: google calendar
  42. Use the Google Docs to create documents: google docs
  43. Use the Google Sheets to create spreadsheets: google sheets
  44. Use the Google Slides to create presentations: google slides
  45. Use the Google Forms to create forms: google forms
  46. Use the Google Drawings to create drawings: google drawings
  47. Use the Google Photos to store and organize photos: google photos
  48. Use the inurl: operator to search for a word in the URL: inurl:blogging tips
  49. Use the intitle: operator to search for a word in the title of a webpage: intitle:SEO tips
  50. Use the allintext: operator to search for words in the text of a webpage: allintext:healthy eating tips
  51. Use the cache: operator to see a cached version of a webpage:
  52. Use the related: operator to find related websites:
  53. Use the link: operator to see websites that link to a specific website:
  54. Use the info: operator to get information about a website:
  55. Use the inanchor: operator to search for a word in the anchor text of links: inanchor:best pizza in town
  56. Use the blog search to find blog posts: blogging tips blog
  57. Use the scholarly articles search to find academic articles: renewable energy scholarly articles
  58. Use the podcasts search to find podcasts: health podcasts
  59. Use the hashtags search to find hashtags: #climatechange
  60. Use the recipes search to find recipes: easy dinner recipes
  61. Use the shopping search to find products: best laptops 2022
  62. Use the jobs search to find job listings: marketing jobs
  63. Use the trends search to see what's trending: Google Trends
  64. Use the flights search to find flights: cheap flights to New York
  65. Use the hotels search to find hotels: hotels in Las Vegas
  66. Use the car rental search to find car rentals: car rentals in Miami
  67. Use the travel search to find travel destinations: best travel destinations 2022
  68. Use the event search to find events: music events near me
  69. Use the sports scores search to find sports scores: NBA scores
  70. Use the package delivery search to find delivery options: package delivery near me
  71. Use the nearby search to find nearby businesses: restaurants near me
  72. Use the flight deals search to find flight deals: flight deals to Europe
  73. Use the map directions search to get directions: map directions to the beach
  74. Use the traffic predictions search to predict traffic: traffic predictions for tomorrow
  75. Use the movie reviews search to find movie reviews: movie reviews of The Matrix Resurrections
  76. Use the app search to find apps: best apps for productivity
  77. Use the advanced search to refine your search: Google Advanced Search
  78. Use the keyboard shortcuts to search faster: Google Keyboard Shortcuts
  79. Use the operator cheat sheet to learn more operators: Google Operator Cheat Sheet
  80. Use the reverse image search to find similar images: reverse image search
  81. Use the Google Earth to explore the world: Google Earth
  82. Use the street view to see street-level images: Google Street View
  83. Use the timeline to see historical events: Google Timeline
  84. Use the calculator for unit conversions: 1 meter to feet
  85. Use the finance search to get financial information: stock market news
  86. Use the mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage payments: mortgage calculator
  87. Use the public alerts to get weather alerts: weather alerts near me
  88. Use the job search to find job listings: marketing jobs near me
  89. Use the news archive to search for old news articles: news archive
  90. Use the flights calendar to find the cheapest flights: flights calendar
  91. Use the books preview to preview books: books preview
  92. Use the YouTube search to find videos: how to do a
  93. Use the images search to find images: cute cat pictures
  94. Use the news search to find news articles: breaking news
  95. Use the patents search to find patents: new patents
  96. Use the recipes search to find recipes: easy vegetarian recipes
  97. Use the shopping search to find products: Christmas gift ideas
  98. Use the weather search to get weather information: weather forecast
  99. Use the translator to translate words or phrases: translate "hello" into Spanish
  100. Use the flights search to compare prices for different airports: flights from New York to London vs. flights from Newark to London