Create images with your text for free - Bing DallE 2

Make pictures out of words using the new Bing Picture Maker.

Make pictures out of words using the new Bing Picture Maker.

The new Bing and Microsoft Edge, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), were released last month as the latest AI powered version and it's amazing. With more than 100 million talks to date, Microsoft has seen first hand how chat is reimagining the way people search. Individuals utilize chat for a wide range of purposes, including problem solving, socializing, and even getting creative ideas. Bing's new visual interface is Microsoft's latest attempt to elevate the conversational experience.

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New Bing and Edge previews will include Bing Picture Maker, AI-powered visual Storytelling, and revised Knowledge Cards, according to a Microsoft announcement. Built on top of OpenAI's sophisticated DALLE model, Bing Picture Maker lets you make an image from scratch using only your own words to describe what you see in your mind's eye. The ability to create both textual and visual content without leaving the chat interface is a huge improvement.

According to studies, the average person's brain can process visual information almost 60,000 times faster than text, making visual search, creation, and comprehension tools essential. According to Bing, image searches are among the most popular types of queries. Formerly, only online photos that were already up could be found through a search. You can find or make just about anything these days.

For individuals participating in the Bing preview, Bing Image Maker will initially launch in Creative mode and be completely integrated into the Bing chat experience. Image Maker is a tool that allows you to create an image from your imagination by typing in a description, supplying additional context like location or activity, and selecting an art style. It acts as a right hand to your imagination. Just typing "draw an image" or "make an image" as a prompt in chat will get you started on making a graphic for a newsletter to pals or as motivation to redecorate your living room.

Microsoft Edge will be the first and only browser to provide a built-in AI-powered image creator thanks to the addition of a preview of Bing Image Maker. To utilize Bing Picture Creator in Edge, either summon it via Bing chat or click the Bing Image Creator button in the Edge sidebar.