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This free tool can be used by the Doctor/Hospital/Clinic free of charge.  If patients which to create their own medical certificate, then can fill in all the relevant details and get it signed /attested by the doctor.  Please make sure what your write is as per the diagnosis outcome as recommended by the doctor.

Medical certificates are often required when an individual requests time off from work or school due to a health-related issue. If your doctor thinks you need to take time off from work because of an illness or injury, he or she will issue you a medical certificate.

Medical Certificate in 2023?

A medical certificate is a document issued by a doctor or other medical professional that provides information about your health status. It may include details about your medical condition, the date of diagnosis, the expected duration of your illness or injury, and any recommended treatment or medication. While medical certificates are typically used to validate absences from work or school due to illness or injury, they may also be necessary for things like travel or insurance claims.

Generate your Online Free Medical Certificate Format

Medical Certificate Form

Medical Certificate Form

How to Generate online free medical certificate

  • The first field is for your name. Please enter your full name in this field.
  • The second field is for the name of the doctor who will be issuing the certificate. Please enter the doctor's name in this field.
  • The third field is for the address of the clinic or hospital where the doctor is based. Please enter the complete address, including city, state, and zip code.
  • The next field is for the reason for your absence. Please provide a brief explanation of why you require the medical certificate.
  • The next field is for the medical diagnosis. Please enter the diagnosis provided by your doctor.
  • The next field is for the start date of your absence. Please select the date on which you started your leave.
  • The next field is for the end date of your absence. Please select the date on which you plan to return to work.
  • The next field is for the total number of days of your absence. This field will be automatically calculated based on the start and end dates you have provided.
  • The next field is for the medical officer registration number. Please enter the registration number of the doctor who is issuing the certificate.
  • The next field is for the date of the certificate. This field will be pre-filled with today's date, but you can change it if necessary.
  • The next field is for the part of the registration of the medical officer. Please enter the part of the registration to which the doctor belongs.
  • The final field is for the system of medicine. Please enter the system of medicine that the doctor practices.
  • Once you have filled in all the required fields, click the "Print Medical Certificate PDF" button.
  • The certificate will be generated with all the information you have provided, and a print window will appear.

Why Might You Need a Medical Certificate?

There are several reasons why you might need a medical certificate. Here are a few examples:

  • To take time off from work or school due to illness or injury
  • To support a claim for sick leave or disability benefits
  • To comply with travel restrictions or requirements
  • To provide evidence of your health status for insurance or legal purposes
  • In some cases, a medical certificate may be required by law or by the policies of a particular organization or institution.

Instructions for Obtaining a Physician's Statement

The first step in obtaining a medical certificate is to make an appointment with a doctor or other qualified medical expert. Please describe your current symptoms, how long you've had them, and any prior treatment you've had for your medical condition in as much detail as possible during your visit.

The doctor will most likely perform a physical exam and may also request further tests or treatments to determine what's wrong with you. After an evaluation has been completed, a medical certificate can be issued detailing the patient's current health, the prognosis for recovery, and the prescribed course of treatment.

Make sure your medical certificate satisfies the needs of the requesting entity by detailing any further information they might need to accept it. Some employers, for instance, demand that the medical certificate be written in a certain way or follow a certain structure, or that it be certified by a specific kind of doctor.