John made $11267 profit on Block Inc Share using OBV Method & Chat GPT

How John Used the On-Balance-Volume Indicator (OBV) Method with Chat GPT to Make $11,267 on Block Inc Share

John made $11267 profit on Block Inc Share using OBV Method & Chat GPT

John was one among the select few who knew about the release of Chat GPT and, having grasped the potential of the AI, had an interest in trading Block Inc. stock. He had been keeping tabs on the company for some time and finally decided to invest in it. To increase his earnings, though, he sought out a trustworthy trading approach. The On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator strategy was the first he'd heard of at that point.

He had heard that the OBV technique was helpful for assessing the rate of change in a stock's price. He made the executive decision to consult ChatGPT, a language model educated in economics and trading. He inquired of ChatGPT how the OBV technique functioned, and it was explained to him.

What is On-Balance-Volume Indicator (OBV) Method

Using the volume of trades, ChatGPT stated, the OBV technique may tell if a stock is being hoarded or traded. As the OBV line is moving upwards, it shows that investors are buying more shares of the firm. In contrast, a falling OBV line shows that more investors are selling the stock at the current price.  John used the below OBV Calculator to test few script and then made some risky decisions.

Use the free On-Balance-Volume Indicator (OBV) Calculator

OBV Calculator

OBV Calculator

Date Price Volume OBV

John was inspired by the possibilities of the OBV approach and made the decision to use it on shares of Block Inc. Over time, he noted that the OBV line was moving upward, indicating that the stock was being bought up. He knew it was a good moment to invest in the stock.

Share Price Movement of Block Inc.

Share Price Movement of Block Inc.

John invested $5000 in Block Inc. by purchasing 1,000 shares at $50 each. To protect his capital, he placed a stop-loss order at $45. He kept an eye on the OBV line and saw that it was rising, indicating that more stock was being bought. He made up his mind to sit tight and wait for the stock's value to rise.

John followed the stock price of Block Inc closely over the next few months as it progressively increased. The rising OBV line indicated that stock was still being bought and held. When John chose to sell his shares when the price hit $70, he made a profit of $20 a share.

John's total return on his investment in Block Inc. shares was $11,267 after all the charges/fees.  He was overjoyed with the outcome and appreciative of the help he had received from ChatGPT.

John was able to make a lucrative investment in Block Inc. shares using the OBV method with the assistance of ChatGPT. The OBV approach proved to be a useful tool for him in his future trading ventures, so he kept on using it.

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