Juntree Siriboonrod 's 106th Birthday - is on Today's google home page

Google Doodle Celebrates - Juntree Siriboonrod 's 106th Birthday - 31 March

Google Doodle Celebrates - Juntree Siriboonrod 's 106th Birthday - 31 March

Today's Doodle commemorates the 106th birthday of the Thai author Juntree Siriboonrod, who is often considered the "father of Thai science fiction."

Siriboonrod was born in 1917 on this date. His childhood is largely unknown. Fans of superheroes may believe he came from a parallel dimension or fought against invaders from the womb, but — in typical science fiction form — no one knows for certain his origin story!

Initially, he was a civil worker for the Thai government at the Department of Ministry Fuels. After becoming a high school science teacher, Siriboonrod began writing articles and short stories with a scientific theme.

In 1945, Siriboonrod collaborated with the Science Society of Thailand to write the Thai science journal Witthayasat Mahatsachan. He wrote everything from science fiction to biographies of scientists until resigning in 1959. Around this time, he released Phu Dap Duang Athit, or The Man Who Put Out the Sun, a collection of science-fiction short stories that is still revered in Thailand today.

In 2005, in his honour, the Science Society of Thailand and the Science Writers and Publishers Forum established the Juntree Siriboonrod Prize. The prize recognises excellence in Thai science fiction and serves as a reminder of Siriboonrod's literary influence.