Latest AIMS Railway RESS Login Portal for salary slip

RESS Railway Workers Login - AIMS Portal Pay Slip 2023

Latest AIMS Railway RESS Login Portal for salary slip

Indian Railway Pay Slip 2023 Available on the AIMS Portal Ress Employee Login.  As one of the largest employer in the country the task of managing their salary and benefits its very humongous task. The finance and account department at Indian Railways plays a pivotal role in all operations including railway accounting, personnel, payrolls, financing, etc.

The Railways' accounting team keeps the portal updated so that workers may quickly and easily view their pay slips, tax documents, and other relevant financial data. Employees can access their pay stubs through the AIMS Portal, save them to their computers, and print hard copies to take to their banks or other institutions.

What is RESS AIMS Portal?

The Indian Railways use a system called AIMS for its financial and accounting needs online. It was launched at Indian Railways in 2014 to automate the processing of employee payroll and to ensure the security of the company's financial and human resources records (after being introduced in 2013).

  • Employees of the Indian Railways can log into the "Accounts Information Management System" portal, or "AIMS Portal," to view their pay slips and other financial details online.
  • The goal of this system is to give Railway workers quick, easy, and safe access to their personal financial data. Railway workers can quickly and easily access their personal and financial data through the AIMS portal.
  • Users only need to log in once to view all of their personal data, including salary, PF, and IT projections, as well as pay slips. Each worker needs to sign up for the site before they may see the aforementioned information about theirs.

Using the AIMS portal?

If you work for the Railway, navigating the AIMS Portal should be used other are not allowed to use the portal. In order to gain access to your income history and other financial documents, you may take these steps:

  1. First, go to the portal's official website; this is the only way to access the AIMS Portal.

  2. The second step is to enter your login information once you reach the portal's home page. Your login credentials may include your employee identification number. You can register on the website by following the on-screen prompts if you haven't already.

  3. Get your salary details by logging into the portal and navigating to the relevant section. Salary, tax, and retirement details may all be separated out into their own tabs. You can get to the info you need by going to the right place and then picking the right details.

  4. After locating your salary details, you can examine them online and, in some situations, download them for your keeping. The pay slip can be printed and taken to the bank or other institution as needed.

Latest features of AIMS Railway Portal

Some of the functions that the AIMS Portal for Railway workers is listed below.

Access your pay slip on RESS's secure website today!

  • Employees' salary information, including pay slips, can be seen and downloaded in full detail using the AIMS Portal. Workers have access to their complete compensation breakdown, from base pay to deductions to their take-home pay.
  • Details on tax exemptions and deductions, as well as other pertinent data, may be made available through the portal.
  • Those who are qualified for a pension can check the status of their pension application and view details about the pension they are entitled to receive through the portal.
  • Information about managing leaves, such as leaves taken and remaining leaves, may also be accessible through the site.
  • An employee's loan history, including the loan's amount, interest rate, and repayment status, may be viewable through the site.
  • Employee data is encrypted and accessible only by authorised individuals through the AIMS Portal's secure design.
  • Because it is web-based, the portal allows employees to access their data from any location with an internet connection.
  • The portal's layout is intuitive, making it simple for staff to get the data they require.

How to do password reset on AIMS Railway portal?

If an employee has forgotten their password and is unable to get in to the portal, they can reset it. By following the simple procedures below, they will be able to obtain the password:

To get started, visit the AIMS homepage.

  • To reset your password, go to the login page and click "Forgot Password."
  • To access Aims, simply fill in the required areas with the user's registered mobile number and date of birth from their User ID.
  • When you're finished filling out the form, click the "Submit" button.
  • After the Registration Info has been checked for accuracy, a new password will be produced. The newly created password will be sent to the user's registered mobile number.
  • This password is now required to be entered.
  • After being checked out, it will become the user's New Password. The updated login page, which requires the new password, will then load on the screen.

Registration on RESS Portal

  • First, they'll need to send the code 08860622020 the words "SMS START."
  • After registering the number and receiving the initial password, 
  • Open the AIMS portal and clicking the "Employee Self Service" link.
  • Hit the "New Registration" button.
  • By clicking "Submit," you can provide the Employee Number, Mobile Number, and Birth Date of the employee.
  • After the verification, the user will register 
  • In order to access the RESS homepage, users must first provide their login credentials.

After the user has successfully registered, they will be able to access the portal and fill out additional information.

Where can I find my RESS pay slip?

RESS pay slip can be downloaded from either the mobile app or the website. If you work for a railway, you can see your pay slip using a website or an Android app by following these instructions.

Access your pay slip on RESS's secure website today!

To begin, go to visit the RESS website ( for Indian railway pay slips.

  • Enter your employee ID and password to access the intranet.
  • The options of Salary, Annual Summary, and Supplemental Income will appear once you click SALARY.
  • The salary choices allow you to download a payslip for the month you've specified.
  • By selecting the Annual Summary tab, you can see detailed payment information for a specific fiscal year.
  • After making the right selection, fill out the mandatory fields and proceed.
  • Further information on the selected alternative will show up and then you can download the salary slip