Looking for increasing productivity in meetings, try walking Meeting

How Walking Meetings Can Boost Your Productivity and Creativity - Step into Success

Looking for increasing productivity in meetings, try walking Meeting

Meetings that take place on foot are a simple method to boost efficiency and morale.

Long periods of time spent in a meeting room can be mentally draining and uninteresting. But suppose conferences didn't need to be so boring. Walking meetings are an easy way to include more physical activity, fresh air, and new ideas into your daily work schedule.

What are walking meetings?

Walking meetings are exactly what they sound like: meetings that are held while walking around outside, as opposed to sitting in a conference room or office. This might be anything from a quick walk around the block to a strenuous trek through a neighbouring park.

What are the advantages of walking meetings?

  • Increase your ability to think creatively and solve problems by going for a walk. Getting out of a rut mentally can be aided by doing something physical and different from your usual routine.
  • Boost your concentration and output by taking a walk. As a bonus, getting out of the house and into the fresh air might help you concentrate better and keep focused on the task at hand.
  • Increase happiness: walking is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to boost both mental and physical wellness. It has been shown to lessen the likelihood of developing a chronic illness, enhance cardiovascular health, and promote psychological well-being.
  • Collaboration and teamwork can benefit from walking meetings as well. The relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to get up and walk around can both promote more openness and the exchange of ideas.

How to make walking meetings work for you

  • When setting up a walking meetup, it's a good idea to check the forecast and map out a route that everyone can enjoy. Think about how long the meeting will go on for and how fit your coworkers are.
  • Don't forget to bring the basics: a notebook, pen, and computer, if you'll need them. Depending on the temperature and location, you may also want to pack some snacks, drinks, and sunscreen.
  • Before beginning the meeting, it is important to set any ground rules or principles that will be followed. This may involve establishing a rhythm, eliminating distractions, and making sure everyone can be heard and understood.
  • Don't forget to take notes and follow up on any action items after the meeting. It's crucial to make sure that walking meetings are still productive and effective, despite being a fun and stimulating way to tackle business objectives.

Walking meetings are a simple yet effective strategy for boosting workplace efficiency, innovation, and morale. Working out and getting some fresh air might help you break out of mental ruts, relax, and work better with others. You can gain new insights and perspective by trying walking meetings with your team.