Microsoft 365 Copilot in Teams (Chat GPT)

Chat GPT Powered Copilot for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft 365 Copilot in Teams (Chat GPT)

Even if you had to skip a meeting, you can still acquire the most relevant information by using intelligent recap, which generates meeting notes, recommended activities, and tailored highlights automatically. Automatically created sections allow you to cherry-pick the information that is most important to you from the meeting. Marking important events on your timeline with invisible markers that only you can see will help you catch up quickly. Pay attention to the meeting itself rather than taking notes.

With Copilot in Teams, teamwork is effortless. Copilot aids in the facilitation of more productive meetings by allowing users to quickly catch up on the topic, organize and summarize key discussion points, and ensure that everyone is on the same page about the next steps to take. Copilot allows you to ask questions and get answers during a conversation without breaking the flow of thought. With the addition of Copilot to your meetings and discussions, you now have a potent tool to assist with typical operations like establishing agenda items based on chat history, finding the proper people for follow-ups, and scheduling the next check-in. You can experiment with the following commands and prompts:

  • Give me a rundown of what everyone talked about in the meeting that I missed. Where do we stand now, and what arguments have been made? To what extent do we disagree on this matter?
  • Make a list of benefits and drawbacks for [discussed issue]. Is there anything else we need to think about first?
  • Where do we go from here, and what choices were made?