Simple User Manual to link your PAN with Aadhaar Number

 User Manual: Linking PAN with Aadhaar

Simple User Manual to link your PAN with Aadhaar Number

To link your PAN with Aadhaar, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Income Tax e-filing portal

Step 2: Register on the e-filing portal

  • If you are not already registered on the e-filing portal, click on the "Register Yourself" button and complete the registration process. Your PAN (Permanent Account Number) will be your user id.

Step 3: Login to the e-filing portal

  • After successful registration, login to the e-filing portal by entering your user id (PAN), password, and date of birth.

Step 4: Link your PAN with Aadhaar

  • Once you are logged in, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to link your PAN with Aadhaar. If it doesn't appear, go to "Profile Settings" on the menu bar and click on "Link Aadhaar".

Step 5: Verify the details

  • Your name, date of birth, and gender will already be mentioned as per the PAN details. Verify the PAN details on the screen with the ones mentioned on your Aadhaar. If there is a mismatch, you need to get the same corrected in either of the documents.

Step 6: Enter Aadhaar details

  • If the details match, enter your Aadhaar number and click on the "link now" button.

Step 7: Confirmation of linking Aadhaar with PAN

  • A pop-up message will inform you that your Aadhaar has been successfully linked to your PAN.

Step 8: Visit alternate websites (optional)

By following the above steps, you can easily link your PAN with Aadhaar.