What is on Today's google home page - Lasminingrat's 169th Birthday

Google Doodle Celebrates - Lasminingrat's 169th Birthday | 29 March

Google Doodle Celebrates - Lasminingrat's 169th Birthday | 29 March

Today's hand-stitched Doodle honours Sundanese novelist and scholar Lasminingrat, who opened the path for future generations of Indonesian women.

Raden Ayu Lasminingrat, a pioneer of Sundanese printed literature and scholar, was born on this day in 1854 in Garut, Indonesia, to Raden Ayu Ria and Raden Haji Muhamad Musa, also pioneers of Sundanese printed literature. To pursue her studies at Sumedang, she was separated from her family and left in the care of Levyson Norman, a friend of her father's. He assisted her in learning Dutch and contributed to Lasminingrat becoming the first Indonesian woman of her day to be fluent in writing and reading Dutch. After mastering the Dutch language in writing and speech, Lasminigrat aspired to promote equality for all Indonesian women.

What is on Today's google home page - Lasminingrat's 169th Birthday

Lasminingrat translated European fairy tales into Sundanese using her literacy skills. In 1879, under her father's direction, she began educating Indonesian youngsters. She read aloud modified texts and instructed elementary moral education and psychology. Her efforts provided indigenous Indonesian youngsters with an education and exposed them to international cultures. She proceeded to translate literature into Sundanese, notably the first and second volumes of Warnasari, which were greatly acclaimed in Indonesia.

In 1907, Lasminingrat created the Sekolaha Keutamaan Istri. The instructional space and open environment encouraged women's empowerment, reading, and writing. The school grew to 200 students and five classes by 1911, when the Dutch East Indies government acknowledged it. With the passage of time, the school extended to additional cities, including Wetan Garut, Cikajang, and Bayongbong by 1934.

Thank you for devoting your life to empowering Indonesian women and being a pioneer in women's education, Lasminingrat.