Letter for replacement of Faulty LPG Regulator

Get your faulty LPG Gas Regulator replaced by using this letter. Guidelines for Replacement of Lost or Defective LPG Regulators

Letter for replacement of Faulty LPG Regulator

When faced with the loss or damage of an LPG regulator, the customer is required to give an Undertaking on plain paper to their distributor. Replacement of lost or defective LPG regulators can be done under specific circumstances.

Replacement of LPG Regulators:

In cases of theft and accidents with the LPG regulator, the replacement will be done. For normal wear and tear issues such as a broken regulating knob or Bakelite ring, the regulator will be replaced free of charge. If the regulator has a broken or damaged body, broken outlet nozzle, missing top or Bakelite ring, opened and re-riveted ones, it will be replaced at normal tariff. Similarly, in established cases of theft, supported by FIR and non-traceable certificate from police, the regulator will be replaced at normal tariff. If the customer is unable to produce an FIR, the replacement will be at penal tariff.

Online replacement of LPG regulator Undertaking

LPG Regulator Replacement Undertaking

Application For Replacement of Faulty LPG Regulator

The above guidelines provide clarity on the circumstances under which replacement of LPG regulators can be done, along with the applicable tariffs for replacement. It is important for customers to adhere to the guidelines and provide necessary documentation to avail the benefits.