What is on todays google homepage? Finland Elections 2023

Google Doodle - Finland Elections 2023

What is on todays google homepage? Finland Elections 2023

Finland is a democratic republic with parliamentary representation where elections are held every four years. The 200 members of the Finnish Parliament, known as the Eduskunta, are elected under a proportional representation system. April 2 2023 is the election day in Finland.

In the 2019 parliamentary election, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) gained the most seats with 40, followed by the anti-immigration Finns Party with 39. Both the Centre Party and the National Coalition Party got 31 seats, while the Green League won 20. The Swedish People's Party won nine seats, while the Left Alliance got sixteen. Both the Christian Democrats and Blue Reform fell short of the 5% threshold necessary to enter the Parliament.

The SDP formed a coalition government with the Centre Party, the Green League, the Left Alliance, and the Swedish People's Party following the election. Antti Rinne, a member of the SDP, was chosen Finland's prime minister, however he resigned in December 2019 owing to a dispute over the salaries of postal workers. At the age of 34, Sanna Marin was appointed as the new prime minister, becoming the youngest in Finnish history.