What is on todays google homepage? Senegal Independence Day 2023

Google Doodle Celebrates - Senegal Independence Day 2023 | 04- April

Google Doodle Celebrates - Senegal Independence Day 2023 | 04- April

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Senegal's National Day, also known as Independence Day! After more than 250 years of colonial domination, the nascent nation signed a transfer of power agreement on this date in 1960. Two months later, Senegal attained its independence.

This year marks the nation's 63rd year of independence. On the national holiday, Senegalese citizens celebrate their nation's progress with fireworks, parades, performances, and ethnic specialties. Concerts of Mbalax music motivate inhabitants to dance to a contagious rhythmic beat, while those with less enthusiastic feet like thieboudienne music (rice with vegetables and marinated fish all cooking in a single pot).

At the big parade in Dakar, participants proudly sing Le Lion Rouge (or The Red Lion) and wave the green, yellow, and red flag of Senegal high into the air. The green color indicates optimism and faith, while the yellow color represents labor and riches, and the red color denotes independence.

Happy Independence Day, Senegal!