Google Lens Adds New Feature to Help Identify Skin Conditions

You can now use Google Lens to look for skin conditions.

Google Lens Adds New Feature to Help Identify Skin Conditions

Users of Google Lens, a machine vision-powered tool that provides information on the items it recognises, will soon be able to do skin condition searches. As of right now, users can initiate a visual search for skin conditions by uploading an image or photo to Lens. This could be useful for folks who are concerned about a change in their skin or who are attempting to determine what kind of skin issue they have.

Google's artificial intelligence-driven picture recognition technology serves as the foundation for the new function. According to Google, the system was developed using a large dataset of photographs that included pictures of skin disorders. This means that Lens can detect many different types of skin issues, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Google Lens users on iOS and Android can get the updated feature right now. Simply launch the app and direct your phone's camera towards the area of skin you suspect is affected. Lens will then display a list of potential matches after you hit the "Search" button.

Lens is not intended as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis. A skin ailment cannot be diagnosed with any certainty using this method. See a doctor about any skin condition that worries you.