GEOfinder Tracker - Your Solution to Location Monitoring

GEOfinder Review: Phone Number Is the Key to Location Tracking  

How often have you been in a situation when your children, partners, or close friends don’t reply to your messages or don’t pick up the phone? There are moments in life when knowing someone’s location is inevitable. GEOfinder tracker is there to give you a piece of mind.    

How Does GEOfinder Find People?

GEOfinder is not a classy location tracker. Its main working principle is to allow users to locate anyone on a map with minimum effort and time. You just need to know the phone number of the person you want to track. The GEOfinder tracker will do the rest!

GEOfinder creates an image URL with the proposed text (you can adjust it to your needs) and sends it to the person whose whereabouts you want to localize. It takes a few minutes for the GEOfinder to process your request and provide all the required data.  Moreover, the tracker makes it possible to send as many geolocation requests as you want. It is a valuable feature for parents with many kids.

The software gathers IP address, WiFi network type, VPN connections, and SIM carrier. And you can easily download it from App Store or Play Market.

Go to Google Play or App Store to Download GEOfinder

Do you want to have a GEOfinder location tracker always in your pocket? Go to App Store or Play Market to download it. Thus, you will always have quick access to the application. Imagine having access to the location of your beloved ones in a few taps.

You will spare seconds to download the app from there, but at the same time - provide yourself with many hours of a piece of mind. You may spend this time doing something relevant rather than worrying about your children’s, spouse’s, or employee’s whereabouts.

Why Should You Choose GEOfinder as Your Ultimate Location Tracker? 

It is the moment when you know that it’s time to use the location tracker. You go to the Internet to check your options. And what do you see? Numerous trackers offer this feature. But why should you pay attention to the GEOfinder location tracker? Let’s see what differentiates GEOfinder from the rest of similarly working services.

  • GEOfinder is a hassle-free phone tracking service. You spend minimum time and effort downloading it from Google Play or App Store and registering the app. Alternatively, it is possible to go to a web-based site. 

  • The service focuses on a limited number of features and their constant development and updating to provide users with the most reliable monitoring experience.

  • You don’t need to approach the targeted device as GEOfinder requires no downloading. Thus, you stay anonymous and safe.

  • The only thing you need to know is the required phone number. 

  • No matter the phone model, operator, or OS, GEOfinder will pin down the phone number on Google Maps.

How to Track Someone’s Location Using Their Phone Number

You will be surprised by how user-friendly GEOfinder is. To start with, you should go to the official GEOfinder website or download the app from App Store or Play Market and follow the steps:

  1. Input the required phone number in the field and click on the “find” button.

  1. Make the payment of $1 for a 48-hour trial, $39.99 per 1 month (web-based), or $9.99/week in the app downloaded to your phone.

  1. The message you send to the chosen person may contain an image or a text message. Pick up an image from your device, and GEOfinder will generate a tracking link.

  1. You may also send an SMS to their cell phone number with the image URL included. Adjust the text message if you want to be creative. But remember that the message should encourage the receiver to click on the link that the GEOfinder phone number tracker will generate.

  1. See their location on the map.

What Are the Prices, and Does Free Trial Come into Play?

Indeed, the GEOfinder phone number location tracker is not among the cheapest services on the market. But it has its price to pay for the high-quality and reliable service. GEOfinder offers subscription plans of $39.99/1 month (online app) and $9.99/week (mobile app). 

Luckily the GEOfinder service offers its users a 48-hour trial period for $1 only. Check it out to see whether you like the tracker. However, it’s not generally accessible - either should it be requested from customer support or you find a trial link that can be followed.

What OS Is GEOfinder Tracker Compatible with?

The GEOfinder location tracker is compatible with any phone model/OS and can also be downloaded to Android or iOS. You don’t need physical access to the needed device or iCloud credentials to use the service. Moreover, it supports all networks. All you need to know is the required phone number.

What Are the Pros and Cons of GEOfinder?

One should get familiar with all peculiarities of the tracker before investing in a full-package subscription plan. So, let’s see its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • No installation, physical access, or credentials are required;

  • Free trial is available for 48 hours for $1 only;

  • Works on all phone types;

  • It is a 100% hidden tracker;

  • Picture with a tracking link can be sent in any messenger;

  • There is a 14-day money guarantee;

  • Can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store;

  • 24/7 live chat after subscribing;

  • IP logger, VPN checker, cell phone carrier lookup, WiFi tracker.


  • The person you want to track must click on the link to approve monitoring;

  • No other tracking features like text monitoring, call recording, etc.

Is GEOfinder a Legit Location Tracker?

GEOfinder is a legit tool owned by ERSTEN GROUP LTD that does the job it is promising. When the targeted person clicks the link in a sent message, they share their location, and you remain invisible. However, remember that the shared link itself does not let you access their spot.

Is GEOfinder a Useful Tracker?

GEOfinder is helpful for people who want to ensure their family members, partners, or children are safe and loyal. Many parents use GEOfinder to monitor their kids’ location. By knowing the whereabouts of people you care about - you can stay calm and focus on other problems.


GEOfinder is an accurate and reliable location-tracking service aiming to give its users peace of mind. It offers affordable pricing and is value for money if you need to know your loved one's whereabouts without bothering or bust a cheater anonymously.