unknown tracker alerts on Android help keep you safe

Google's New Anti-Stalking Feature Will Make It Harder for Creeps to Track You

Google's New Anti-Stalking Feature Will Make It Harder for Creeps to Track You

In a move that will make many people breathe a sigh of relief, Google has announced a new anti-stalking feature for Android phones. The feature, called "Unknown Tracker Alerts," will automatically notify users when an unfamiliar Bluetooth device is detected nearby. This is a major step forward in the fight against stalking, as it will make it much harder for creeps to track their victims without their knowledge.

The way the feature works is simple. When an Android phone detects an unfamiliar Bluetooth device, it will send a notification to the user. The notification will include the name of the device, its location, and its battery level. If the user is concerned that the device is being used to track them, they can tap on the notification to play a sound on the device. This will help the user to locate the device and, if necessary, disable it.

The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature is currently rolling out to Android phones in the United States. It is expected to be available in other countries in the coming weeks.

This is a great new feature from Google, and it is a welcome step towards making the world a safer place. If you have an Android phone, be sure to enable the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature so that you can be protected from stalkers.

Features of this update 

  • The feature will only notify users about unfamiliar Bluetooth devices that are actively tracking them. This means that if someone is just carrying an AirTag in their pocket, it will not trigger a notification.
  • The feature will not work if the Bluetooth device is hidden inside a metal object. This is because metal can block Bluetooth signals.
  • The feature will only work if the Android phone has Bluetooth turned on.

1. Get automatic alerts for unknown trackers
With unknown tracker alerts, you will get notified on your compatible Android device if an unknown Bluetooth tracker is separated from its owner and is determined to be traveling with you.

You can tap the notification to learn more about the tracker and view a map of where the tracker was seen traveling with you. You can also tap “Play sound” and the tracker will make a noise to help you locate it without the owner of the tracker knowing.

2. Take action on an unknown tracker alert

After you receive an alert, you can learn more about the unknown Bluetooth tracker and get tips on how to take action.

When you bring the device near the back of your phone, some Bluetooth trackers may share their serial number or additional information about the owner of the device, like the last four digits of their phone number.

You can also learn how to physically disable the Bluetooth tracker completely, so the device will stop the owner from receiving future location updates from the tracker.

3. Manually scan your surroundings

Sometimes, you may want to check your surroundings for trackers on your own without waiting for an alert. We built a manual scan feature so you can check if there are any trackers nearby that are separated from their owners.

To do this, go to Settings → Safety & emergency → Unknown tracker alerts and tap the “Scan Now” button. Your device will take about 10 seconds to complete a manual scan, and then you’ll see a list of trackers that are currently determined to be near you and separated from their owner’s device. You can get tips on what to do next by tapping the listed tracker.

Overall, the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature is a significant step forward in the fight against stalking. It is a simple but effective way to protect yourself from creeps who may be trying to track you without your knowledge. If you have an Android phone, be sure to enable this feature so that you can be safe.