What's special about 10 February 2024

10 February 2024 Special Events across the world

What's special about 10 February 2024

Saturday, February 10th, 2024 - Special and Interesting Events

Global Observances:

  • Chinese New Year: This marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, a major celebration in China and by Chinese communities worldwide. Festivities often last for two weeks, featuring parades, fireworks, and family gatherings.
  • World Pulses Day: This international day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of pulses (dried legumes) like lentils, beans, and chickpeas, promoting them as a sustainable and nutritious food source.
  • Directors Guild of America Awards (DGA): This prestigious ceremony honors outstanding achievements in film and television directing.

Other Notable Events:

  • Teddy Day (part of Valentine's Week): This unofficial holiday encourages individuals to express affection by gifting teddy bears, symbolizing warmth and comfort.
  • National Cream Cheese Brownie Day: Indulge in delicious brownies featuring the creamy richness of cream cheese.
  • National Umbrella Day: Be prepared for any weather with a reliable umbrella on this day.
  • Plimsoll Day: Celebrate the iconic canvas shoe, once a popular choice for casual wear.

Depending on your location:

  • National Deworming Day (India): An initiative to improve child health by mass administering deworming medication.
  • Feast of Saint Paul's Shipwreck (Malta): A religious holiday commemorating the apostle Paul's shipwreck on the Maltese island.
  • Sábado de Carnaval (Argentina, Brazil): The Saturday before Ash Wednesday, marking the vibrant pre-Lenten carnival celebrations.