What's special about 12 February 2024

12 February 2024 - Special Events across the World

What's special about 12 February 2024

Monday, February 12th, 2024 - Special and Interesting Events


  • Darwin Day: Commemorating the birthday of Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory, this day celebrates his groundbreaking work and its lasting impact on scientific understanding. Events and discussions about evolution and its significance might be held worldwide.

National Days:

  • United States:
    • Abraham Lincoln's Birthday: Honoring the 16th President of the United States, known for his role in abolishing slavery and preserving the Union during the Civil War.
    • National Clean Out Your Computer Day: Encouraging individuals to organize and declutter their digital files.
    • National Plum Pudding Day: Dedicated to this rich and festive dessert, often enjoyed during holiday celebrations.
  • India:
    • National Productivity Day: Promoting a culture of increased productivity across various sectors.
  • Venezuela:
    • Día de la Juventud (Youth Day): Celebrating the contributions and potential of young people.
  • Austria, Germany:
    • Rose Monday (Rosenmontag): Part of Carnival celebrations, featuring parades, costumes, and festivities.
  • Belgium, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela:
    • Carnival: Vibrant pre-Lenten celebrations with dancing, music, and colorful costumes.

Other Notable Events:

  • National Lost Penny Day: A lighthearted day to appreciate the small things, even lost pennies.
  • Royal Hobart Regatta (Australia): A prestigious annual sailing event.

Valentine's Week (Unofficial):

  • Hug Day: The sixth day of Valentine's Week, encouraging physical and emotional connection through hugs.

Religious Observances:

  • Feast of Saint Blaise (Catholicism): Celebrating the patron saint of throat ailments and wool combers.
  • Feast of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order (Catholicism): Honoring the founders of this religious order.

Personal Significance:

  • This day might hold personal meaning for you or someone you know, such as a birthday, anniversary, or other important event and we wish all of them for a great day.