What's special about 13 February 2024

13 February 2024 - Special Events across the World

What's special about 13 February 2024

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - Special and Interesting Events


  • World Radio Day: Celebrating the enduring power of radio, emphasizing its role in information, entertainment, and connection across societies. Events, discussions, and special programming related to radio take place globally.
  • International Condom Day: Raising awareness about safe sex and the importance of condoms in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. Educational campaigns and distribution of condoms occur worldwide.

National Days:

  • United States:
    • National Cheddar Day: Celebrate this classic American cheese with special offers and recipes.
    • National Pancake Day: Indulge in delicious pancakes for breakfast or brunch.
  • India:
    • Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary: Honoring the poet, politician, and freedom fighter known as the "Nightingale of India."
  • Canada:
    • National Flag of Canada Day: Celebrating the Canadian flag, also known as the Maple Leaf.

Valentine's Week (Unofficial):

  • Kiss Day: The seventh day of Valentine's Week, dedicated to expressing affection through the physical act of kissing.

Other Notable Events:

  • Pancake Tuesday: Celebrated in various countries (Mardi Gras in some) before Ash Wednesday, marking the pre-Lenten period with feasting and festivities.
  • Full Moon (Magha Purnima): Significant in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, symbolizing spiritual purification and blessings.

Potential personal significance:

  • It could be a birthday, anniversary, or other important date for you or someone you know.