BJP Manifesto 2014

As the results are out and BJP getting ready to set the new government in India, let look at their agenda and hope they achieve what they has said :).

Building India
   Building 100 new cities, enabled with the latest in technology and
   Developing 100 most backward districts of the country to bring them at
      par with other districts through prioritized and integrated development.
   Ensuring shelter to everybody equipped with Electricity, Water, Toilets
      and Access.
   A full-fledged programme for 'Rural Rejuvenation' to be launched and
      through the idea of Rurban, urban amenities to be provided for rural
      areas, while retaining the soul of the village.
   Formulating a responsible and comprehensive 'National Energy Policy'.
   Setting up Gas Grids to make gas available to households and industry.
   Setting up a National Optical-Fibre Network up to the village level; and
Wi-Fi zones in public areas.
   Launching Diamond Quadrilateral project - of High Speed Train
      network (bullet train).
   Setting up Agri Rail Network, Tourist Rail including Pilgrimage Rail
      networks and Strategic new Rail Networks.

   Launching a massive Low cost Housing programme to ensure that
      every family will have a pucca house of its own by 75th anniversary of
      independent India.

Checking Price Rise
   Strict measures and special Courts to stop hoarding and black marketing. 
   Setting up a Price Stabilisation Fund.
   Unbundle FCI (Food Corporation of India) operations into procurement, 
      storage and distribution for greater efficiency. 
   Evolve a single 'National Agriculture Market'. Fighting Corruption
   Establish a system, which eliminates the scope for corruption.
   Technology enabled e-Governance - minimizing the discretion in the
      citizen-government interface.
   System-based, policy-driven governance - making it transparent.   Simplification of the processes and procedures at all levels -
      bestowing faith in the citizens, institutions and establishments.

Employment and Entrepreneurship
   Strategically developing Labour-intensive sectors like textile,
      infrastructure, housing and Tourism.
   Strengthening the traditional employment bases of agriculture and allied
      industries, and retail through modernization.
   Transform Employment Exchanges into Career Centres

Women - The Nation Builder
   Committed to 33% reservation in parliamentary and state assemblies
      through a constitutional amendment.
   Launching a national campaign for saving the girl child and educating her
- Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao.
   Setting up dedicated Women ITIs, Women wings in other ITIs.
   Acid Attack victims welfare fund to take care of the medical costs related
      to treatment and cosmetic reconstructive surgeries of such victims.
   Make police stations women friendly, and increase the number of women
      in police at different levels.
SCs, STs, OBCs and Other Weaker Sections - Social Justice and Empowerment
   Committed to bridge the gap, following the principles of Samajik Nyay
      (social justice) and Samajik Samrasata (social harmony).
   Committed to the eradication of untouchability at all levels.
   A high priority for SC, ST, OBCs and other weaker sections would be to
      create an ecosystem for education and entrepreneurship.
   Ensuring that the funds allocated for schemes and programmes for SC,
      ST, OBCs and other weaker sections are utilized properly.
   A mission mode project would be made for housing, education, health
      and skills development
   Setting up the entire education network for tribal and providing them
      housing, water, health facilities and road and energy connectivity.
   Ensure that the tribal land is not alienated.

Minorities - Equal Opportunity
   National Madrasa modernization programme would be initiated to
        strengthen and modernize minority educational systems and institutions. 
   Augment their traditional artisanship and entrepreneurial skill, which are a backbone of our cottage and small-scale industry.
   Ensure a peaceful and secure environment, where there is no place for
      either the perpetrators or exploiters of fear.

Greater attention to border areas
   Ensuring proper utilisation of natural resources of North East India and
      developing this region at par with Western region and empowering the
      DONER ministry.
   Ensuring return of Kashmiri pandits to Jammu Kashmir and establishing
      Good Governance in the State while abrogating article 370

Neo-Middle Class - Meet their Aspirations
   Providing Educational scholarships and educational facilities, Medical
      insurance and quality healthcare services, Middle-income housing and
      efficient public transport systems.

Zero Tolerance on Terrorism
   Revive the anti-terror mechanism, strengthen the role of NIA and put a
      system in place for swift and fair trial of terror related cases.
   Reform the National Security Council to make it the hub of all sector-
      related assessments. It will be accountable for real-time intelligence
   Completely revamp the intelligence gathering system by modernizing
      the intelligence department.

Senior Citizens
   Provide financial support, exploring ideas like additional tax benefits and
      higher interest rates.
   Harnessing their experience in the National Interest. Specially Abled
   Enacting the 'Rights of the Persons with Disabilities bill' (RPWD).
   Identifying each and every special needs person across the country -
      establishing a web based disability registration system.

Youth - Making India Unstoppable
   Setting up the National Youth Advisory Council and launching a
      programme, 'Youth for Development'.
   Nation-wide 'district level incubation and accelerator programme' for
      encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
   Launching a 'National Sports Talent Search System' to promote sports
      among youth.

Health Services - Increase the Access, Improve the Quality, Lower 
the Cost
   'Health Assurance to all Indians and to reduce the out of pocket spending on health care'
   New Health Policy and National Health Assurance Mission.
   Utilize the ubiquitous platform of mobile phones for healthcare delivery
      and set up the 'National e-Health Authority'
   Set up an AIIMS like institute in every state.
   Ensuring a 'Swachh Bharat' by Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary in

Simplified Tax Regime
   Providing a non-adversarial and conducive tax environment and
      rationalized and simplified the tax regime.

Agriculture - Productive, Scientific and Rewarding
   Ensuring a minimum of 50% profits over the cost of production for the
   Regional Kisan TV Channel, reforming APMC Act, farm insurance to be
   Adopting a 'National Land Use Policy'.

Industry - Modern, Competitive and Caring
   Ensure that a conducive, enabling environment is created making
      'doing business' in India easy.
   Ensuring logistics infrastructure, including stable power.    Barring FDI in multi-brand retail sector.
   Reviewing and reviving MSME sector and enabling it with better access
      to formal credit and technology for modernization.

For Rural Areas
   All weather road connectivity to villages
   Launching the 'Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchayee Yojana' with a motto of
      'har khet ko paani'.

For Unorganized Sector
   Issuing identity cards, dedicated Workers Bank, Pension and Health
      Insurance safety nets for unorganized sector labourers.

Weavers and Artisans
   Schemes will be drawn for skills upgradation and enhancement of
      business opportunities for artisans like smiths, weavers, carpenters, hair-
      dressers, shoe-smiths, and potters.

   Appoint a Veterans Commission to address the grievances of veterans. The Himalayas
   Launching 'National Mission on Himalayas', an inter-governmental
      partnership programme, to coordinate policy making and capacity building
across states and sectors.
   Creating a 'Himalayan Sustainability Fund'.
   Creating a Central University dedicated to the Himalayan Technology. 

Other noteworthy Initiatives
   A mission mode project to create 50 tourist circuits built around themes
      like: Archaeological and Heritage, Cultural and Spiritual, Himalayan,
      Desert, Coastal and Medicine.
   Launch a 'National Multi-skill Mission'.
   Population stabilization would be a major thrust area and would be pursued
      as a mission mode program.

Protecting Culture and Heritage
   Exploring all possibilities within the framework of the constitution to
      facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.
   Strategic importance of Ram-Setu due to vast thorium deposits will be
      taken into consideration while taking any decision on 'Sethu-Samudram
      Channel' project.
   Cow and its progeny to be protected and promoted.
   Uniform Civil Code by drawing upon the best traditions and harmonizing
      them with the modern times.

Institutional Reforms
   Administrative Reforms to be implemented through an appropriate body
      under the PMO.
   Setting up an effective Lokpal.
   The E-Gram and Vishwa Gram schemes to be launched.
   Doubling the number of courts and judges in the subordinate judiciary
            and extend fast track courts to all layers of the judiciary