SelfieWithDaughter - What's all about

#SelfieWithDaughter - 

So what's this

#SelfieWithDaughter all about?

A thought which was implemented by a Village Leader in India. Our techosavy Prime minister Modi has some how got this selfi and highlight in his monthly address to Nation by Radio. 

Modi invited rest of the fellow citizens to share the selfi with their daughter tagging him and this has spread like a fire across the globe. I am waiting for visiting my daughter to share a selfi with her.

Why this 

#SelfieWithDaughter ?

In India there is a tendency not to have girl child due to the burden the parents carry in growing the kid. This has created a deficit in the ratio between men and women. Our Prime minister Modi has started a program called "Save Girl Child" and this goes long way in educating the people.

Anyway a nice thought for a nice cause.