Sleepless Night to Indian Media, why?

Sleepless Night to Indian Media, why?

As the power pack agenda of our Prime Minister Modi in US kicks off, India Media is getting ready to do overtime and night shit to cover the event and the talking points.  

I am not sure how they organize, however it looks they are heading to a sleepless night for getting the information what we need from USA and which is good to know, obviously the criticism along with it.

As a citizen of India, I am happy that we all over the map again the big question will be raised what we are going to achieve by these visit.  From the ground level it will take years to see the benefits, but the move is been made and obviously there is no personal reason for the visit.  

That also means that my tax money's been spent for some good reason.  

  • Building India Image
  • Attracting Investment
  • Digital Innovation

If anyone of the reason achieves in a small way it will be impacting the people of our republic.

Time will answer on how it shapes up.  Gone are the days that you shy away from marketing and making your presence felt.  Modi is making sure that the Marketing of “Make In India” “Start-up India” “Digital India” it’s all marketed and it’s been felt across the globe.

Though we have an Indian Heart but our thought are Westernized and Mr.Modi is making sure the Westernized is favoring India, so people here echo the same feeling.  

A typical smartness from a Gujarati

Jai Hind