Don't Google for Father’s Day, add a personal touch to your Father

Father’s Day Apps in Google Play Store
The occasion being the “Father’s Day” we would head out to google for finding the right gift, greeting quotes and apps to see what can be made it special. 
So, in Google Play Store (or) Android Apps Store if you run a search for “Father’s Day” you will get an exhausted list of apps for
  • Father’s Day Quotes
  • Father’s Day Frame
  • Father’s Day Wishes
  • Father’s Day Messages
  • Father’s Day Greeting
  • Father’s Day Gift

Though all the app has one thing in common to get the information from different sources and get in front of you.  Do you think your dad deserve a copy paste or forward wishes on this day, if yes please use the apps and google to get the quote and messages.  Oh yes it’s pretty simple to use WhatsApp message as well, because you just need to forward the message to your Dad’s number.

I don’t think we will settle for all these things to wish our wonderful companion, a Father’s Day wish should be from your heart and make it feel special and add a personal touch into it.  Call you Dad, Sit with him and hold his hand, you don’t need to wish him too because he is not waiting for your wishes.

Google Doodle is celebrating “Father’s Day” in a very unique way. It showcase the being together theme and which follows you wherever and whenever.

Spend quality time with your loved one. Wish you all a happy Father's Day