Winning Over Automation

How to beat automation?

Automation is getting big everyone is speaking about Automation and Artificial Intelligence and there are different numbers being stated about the job loss or the task which is will be automated.

And these numbers or the way forward make anyone scare, but what we are going to let you know a view that will change the way you look at this.

Is this is the first time Automation applied to any industry?

No, there were many industry the automation was applied and thought it had an impact initial, but later recovered. This also saw a different segments of jobs being created and by doing a balancing act.

So, how can I escape the automation Wave?

Upskill, Upskill yourself with the technology which used for automation in your respective area.

  • Strong on your Foundation - Be strong on your Foundation this will help you to become the go-to person for building the logic for automation.

  • Finding the Human Intelligence (The Gut Feeling) - This is unique and the creator has given this Intelligence only to Humans and finding the feeling in you for the work you do will make you stand out. Understand it's not the one to stop automation but to show why still we are important.

  • Are you Creative? Are you an out of box thinker? I bet you are going to beat the automation. Yes because the automation and Artificial Intelligence works on a pattern and the thought process coded by a human, the creative is with us and as the technology evolve we do.  So if you are Creative then we are here to stay.