Happy Womens Day - WomenWill

Google on this Women' day has given a link "With access to information, women gain access to opportunity. Learn how at Womenwill" on their main search page... checkout if you missed to see it.

When women gain access to information and the tools to make the most of it, they start new businesses, make new discoveries, transform their communities and change the way we all learn, work, and live.

India has the world's second largest internet population with over 400 million users, but only 30% are women. In rural India, only 1 out of 10 internet users is a woman*.

To help close this gap, in July 2015 we partnered with Tata Trusts to launch “Internet Saathi”, a digital literacy program. Women in rural India can complete the Saathi training, learning how to access and use the internet, and they in turn impart training to their community and neighbouring villages.

In partnership with Tata Trusts

*Source: IAMAI

Learn more about WomenWill, here