Mobile App Marketing - Steps to follow

Are you struggling to create "Customer Delight"? Are you trying to find out what works well for your clients? You got a lot of data, but not sure how to use them.

If you don't have answers to the above questions well, you are not alone. All the points mentioned above are relevant to any product in the market. But more so, for Mobile App, it is even more important because of the time factor. Your mobile app becomes obsolete or will be taken over by your competitor in no time. Replication and improvisation are faster in the case of mobile apps. If you think that your initial 100 customers are just your customers, you are wrong. You are also inviting your competitors.

If you have not started developing your mobile app yet, then click here to view the steps to follow for developing a successful mobile app

What do we do? How do we avoid marketing mistakes, Youthapps brings to you some of the best practices to be followed to market your Mobile App.

1. KYC

Know your customers and understand how they landed on your mobile app. It is critical for you to know how they downloaded your mobile app. Why are we saying? Go back to the second question that we asked at the beginning of the article. "What works well for your client?" A part of the answer is possible only if you know how your customers downloaded your mobile app.

2. Measure and Repeat the best ones

Your loyal customers downloaded your app because you did a Facebook promotion or PR or Google Ad or an email campaign. Once you know this, then keep repeating it. That's the formula!

3. Get your best influencer

Your customers buy/ download when they are referred. If it is from an authentic source or connect, they will take the next step to spread the word. Try to get reviews from your early users, reward them for referrals and identify websites that can give authetic details about your products. Most of the websites, including YouthApps, looks at providing information to it's visitors which are authentic.

4. Change in Behaviour

See how your app performs when you change color, pages, menu, etc. It's important for your to understand usage time. Watch out for the feedback when you make such changes. Your loyal customers will try to communicate with you because they love you. Do a course correction based on the behaviour pattern of your clients.

5. Get feedback and give rewards

Yes! Give incentives to your customers. They will give back to you with customer references. It's the age of open innovation, and you have to work with your clients to build a successful product.

6. Engage with your customers

Send targeted push messages and engage with your customers. Can you gamify the app?  Customers love it when points are added or when they get more likes.

7. Surprise your clients

Let them know that you are simplifying their life and the app is an extension of themselves. This can happen only if you have regular releases with notifications on the changes or upgrades you have done.
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