Your data is getting leaked in the Dark Web

Dark Web has your leaked Data

Your data is getting leaked in the Dark Web

Recently there were documents for sale in a Russian forum. It included details like Passport scan copy, ID proof, personal address and selfies.

What is so strange about the above statement?
  • Let’s look at the combination. We are making it easier for anyone to open a bank account with these information. Especially in this era of digital banking. Personal ID with Selfies could be sufficient to open a bank account. There are some security measures taken to control by the bank but still with sufficient number of ID proof and your photo, it’s easy to open a bank account.  All these happen in the darkweb

How do they get these documents?
  • It is possible to get selfies from your mobile phone if it were infected with a malware. The other way to do this would be to hack a website that holds a lot of information. With cloud based web hosting services available, there could be many website that hold personal information. It is easier to download all the information from such websites.

How to protect yourself?
  • Be careful about where you post your selfies. Never publish your selfies with your ID card. To know where all these data are getting transacted, know more about Darkweb

Fake Threats
  • Be careful about fake threats that’s you receive on your email. I got an email from my own email ID. Most criminals would have created a script to send an email to you. They will not have any incriminating photo or videos, so don’t panic and try to respond to those emails.
  • They know that most of you would have done something or the other to cheat your wife. It could be as simple as watching pornography.
  • If you have received an email from your own email ID asking for bitcoin threatening to release your photos to your contacts. Sample Email