Latest Update on CSD Online Registration form for all CSD Canteen Users

CSD Online Registration process for all CSD Canteen Users 

If you are buying liquor or grocery from CSD canteen then you would need submit the online registration. Once you complete the registration, you will be further notified to your email address and mobile number. 

So, we will tell you how to submit the application online for the CSD Canteen registration.

Information what your need

  • Email address
  • Name as per the card and without your rank
  • Canteen location where you get the items from
  • Grocery Card Number
  • Liquor Card Number
  • Your Valid mobile number

Once you fill in the details then your CSD Canteen franchises would send you a confirmation, wherein you can download the mobile app for CSD Canteen and then enter your username and password.

Most of the time your username would be your Grocery Card number and password would be your mobile number.  To confirm on your username and password, please check your email or SMS on your registered mobile number for correct information.

The registration form may look like this

CSD Online Registration process