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Review of Petco Mobile App, Petco IPO, Petco Shares

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Review of Petco Mobile Apps, Petco IPO Trading and Petco Share Prices

In the latest attempt to scale up the business, Petco raised around $864 million in an initial public offering (IPO) as per the different internet sources. Petco operates around 1400+ stores and offering pet services.  This area of business has seen major growth even when COVID was its peak and any investment in these type of would yield results logically speaking.  

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Review of Petco Mobile App, Petco IPO, Petco Shares


Today in Youth Apps, we are going to explore a new mobile app called, Petco. This app has been released by Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. Shopping and has an average rating of 4.2 in apps store as of today. Get to know the  Petco mobile app features, functionality and download the original app for free.


Let's look at the feature of Petco Mobile app, these features and content are from the developer of the mobile app itself, The Petco app is the Pet Parent's Partner. Use it to expertly pamper your pet both online and in our stores.


  • You can buy in the app then pick it up at over 1,000 locations across the US. Leverage our Curbside Pickup option to help protect your health and safety while minimizing social exposure by ordering online and getting your items hand-delivered to your car.


  • Set up your pet and the app becomes your partner, helping you find and access all that you need for your pet.

  • Manage and track your pet’s complete health and needs. Look across your purchase history online and in-store to make sure your pets are covered in all care categories so they can live a happy and healthy life.


  • Did you know grooming is an essential part of your pet's health and wellness? Schedule an appointment to meet your new groomer - a skilled stylist who understands the care and attention your pet needs based on their age, breed, hair and skin. Plus, join the Petco Spa Club and get rewarded for making your pet's health a habit.


  • Setting your pets up with Repeat Delivery, quickly buying something again, and finding the best nutrition and supplies has never been easier.


  • 5% back and a lifetime of love. With the app it's easy to track and redeem your Pals rewards.

Performance Summary of Petco

  • Petco has been installed between 500,000+ times by users at the time of this review and has an average rating of 4.2 in the Google apps store.

Review of Petco Mobile Apps, Petco IPO Trading and Petco Share Prices

  • Petco app has been reviewed by 4970 Users, which is around 0.99% of total installed. Petco app size 42M and can be installed on any Android device running version 7.1 and up.

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