Will I have a Job after 40 Years?

Having Jobs, Searching Jobs after 40 Years

Will I have a Job after 40 Years?

The answer is yes, however, there are quite a few conditions towards it.  The conditional is purely internal triggers.  When we talk about the internal triggers it is your self-confidence and upskilling towards the new world.

We understand it's easy to say but hard to get things done, but look at the current example of you searching in google/bing/yahoo/Microsoft and reaching towards this article.  This is your reward for the efforts you have put into overcoming your negative trigger of fear of not having a job after 40 years.

This article will not handhold you in searching or finding a job after 40 years, however, we will make sure at the end of this article your take away would be a more confident person, who will not have negative internal triggers and to manage the external triggers.

The universe has shown us time and again that keeping pace with evolution is the only way to sustain and develop.  This is a proven formula and we don't need to reinvent the wheel, you need to start now, and from here, how? understand your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat ya its also called SWOT.

Think and record what are you good at and validate your skills to see if it fits the current needs, if not then start searching for the next skill which has evolved from your old skill and then upskills towards it.  Remember the more experience on the legacy skill, you will be able to add move value to your customer/organization/ users.  Any job which does not add value will become redundant anytime.

One of the best things in a job search would be to think holistically, about the job which finds you or you find, your focus should be on the big picture.  It's not about whom you work under or what type of work you do. In the previous steps, we discussed adding value to the outcome which comes out of you as a person and if you continue doing it you will end up at the right place, and eventually, it will be of mutual benefits

We live in a world where everyone speaks about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, robotics, however, we should understand that there is a human behind everything and the craftsmanship that we have cannot be easily replicated by machines/technology at this current time and maybe few years from the time this may happen. So be the person who can optimize the task/job which can be later automated by anyone

In the final statement, We can see the bright faces as most of you have good relief on the anxiety which you had before reading the article and now after reading the article. We have activated nucleus accumbens in your brain and as a result, you have the Dopamine effect.  So don't let go of the confidence. Keep things practical and also very simple some people call this as KISS - Keep it super simple or Keep it simple stupid. The world belongs to us, we were the one who has brought it so far so why worry about it. 

If you add value to any outcomes, you are still in the game.  Now, you have two choices close this web page and move on to different tabs and search results and then continue this loop forever or reflect on what you read in this article and then introspect.  The more you read, the more the thought you get. This is how this article is written. try to believe it.. read again and again and again.

You know friends when you find something good you are supposed to share it at least people who are in their '40s or in that group would have experienced it.  So, do some good and take the pride of the one who discovered the article among the billions of pages on the web and shares it with your friends, family, and our society/group.  This could have been the perfect article which they may have needed for that hour.  Keep sharing and Thank you for reading through and being part of this journey.  The success is your and ours